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Top 5 Benefits of AI-Powered Sales Enablement

By Megan Paszczykowski| June 4, 2019

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AIBlog_image1 A new InsideSales study revealed that 25% of respondents said the biggest obstacle to using AI at work is that they don’t understand it.

You don’t have to be a tech expert to associate artificial intelligence (AI) with tasks made easier. AI has undeniably achieved mainstream awareness; on an almost daily basis, we engage with self-driving cars, Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. In the consumer space, most people easily recognize its benefits in daily life – regardless of your age or “tech-savvy” status. Yet, when it comes to utilizing AI to make business processes more efficient and effective, some would say, “It’s complicated.”

The thing is, it’s exactly the opposite. Most of us already benefit from AI-driven tasks automation used in most popular business software solutions (including the old faithful email). However, the potential benefits from AI in Sales Enablement Platforms go way beyond spam filters, email categorization or auto-complete.

In sales, time is the most valuable (and endangered) resource. In a changed, slowed buyer’s journey where buyers are more empowered with information about you and your competitors, sales reps who “show up and throw up” with generic sale pitches don’t stand a chance. By the time sales interactions finally happen, both parties already know all about one another “on paper.” What remains is the conversation; what remains is the buyer’s story – which often includes their specific, unique challenges, and confusion about the capabilities of various software solutions they use.

AIBlog_image2 Sales teams adopting AI are seeing an increase in leads and appointments of more than 50%, cost reductions of 40%–60%, and call time reductions of 60%–70% [Harvard Business Review].

As part of a sales enablement solution, AI lifts the burden of sales admin work – preparing for meetings, searching for content, and recording details – and allows you to focus on getting your buyer to the last mile of the journey. Armed with perfect content, reps can assess buyer needs and tell a value-based story with the right actionable data for the right customer at the right time (and if the buyer changes the subject, no problem). Not only do you get AI-powered, interactive sales tools to personalize each sales interaction, you get your time back. Instead of managing complex administrative tasks for yourself, you can assess, diagnose, and manage complex business problems for your customers. Both sales reps and sales leadership benefit from the role of AI in sales enablement. Here’s why:

Top 5 Benefits of AI-Powered Sales Enablement Technology

AI does the heavy lifting when you’re preparing for a meeting: Instead of manually entering meeting dates and self-reminders for upcoming meetings, get automatic reminders, complete with suggested actions and content, so that you can prepare in advance

AI gives you the right content for the right meeting at exactly the right time: Give a personal presentation for the conversation you’re actually having, not that you would “typically” have. This happens when you have the right, high-performing, customized content that meets the buyer where they are in the journey and include relevant data and insights catered to their needs

AI updates your CRM, so you don’t have to: Instead of logging every detail into your CRM to update notes or other meeting details, AI automatically updates it for you.

AI boosts post-meeting sales engagement: After the meeting, follow-up is easy; you can share content presented with meeting attendees to increase engagement and maintain a personal connection.

AI removes the burden of administrative tasks: Time is money. When sales reps at every level have the burden of administrative tasks lifted, sales performance can flourish- as long as its enabled with the right tools.

High Sales Performance, Powered by AI

The benefits of AI touch reps at many points in the sales process, but it simplifies life for leadership, as well. AI provides insights into team performance, including meeting summaries, frequencies, and duration of accounts and helps keep CRM information up-to-date, without risking error-prone manual follow-ups. Ultimately, AI can ease the relationship between sales leadership and reps – it removes the need to remind (i.e. nag) reps to manually update sales meeting information.

In essence, the role of AI in sales enablement technology is as a digital assistant. It takes care of the details, so you can utilize sales tools and technology to increase sales performance. It gives you your time back with customers and prospects, and it ensures you’re armed with on-demand, perfect, flexible content for each specific interaction. Reach out to us to learn more about how the Mediafly Meeting Assistant can lift the burden of your sales administrative tasks.

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Megan Paszczykowski is a content writer with more than a decade of experience in the B2B technology space. As sales teams work to differentiate in an increasingly crowded market, Megan supports Mediafly’s mission to heighten the conversation about the power of engaging content. Megan attended Indiana University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

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