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Leveraging the ‘Neuroscience of Sales’ to Boost Personal Performance – w/ Tanya Kunze (SWIFT Coaching)

By Tom Pisello | September 22, 2020

In this interview we spoke with the wonderful Tanya Kunze, CEO of SWIFT Coaching, on how to optimize sales performance through self-awareness, neuroscience, seller and customer profiling.

One of my favorite take-aways from this interview was Tanya’s insight on why having an enlightened mindset is critical to a successful sales professional, (and anyone else for that matter!)

“It links directly to neuroscience. We have three definitive aspects of self. So, the mental body, the physical body, and the energy body. And they all have to be inextricably interlinked and in balance. Now, when you get that right, you avoid something called in-attentional blindness.

When one is in a fight, flight, or freeze state, which invokes the amygdala and surrounding areas in the brain, you actually end up blocking the ability to see opportunities around you so when you are in alignment, you have a far greater aspect because you lean into the neo cortex and the pre frontal cortex and the areas of the brain that are a little more on the conscious level where they are able to see opportunities far more than people who are in a fear state.”

Listen the full episode here:

Keep Calm, and Sell On, EVOLVERS!

Keep evolving!

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