International Women’s Day: Supporting Our Customers’ Efforts to Advance Women’s Health

By Whitney Kelly | March 12, 2019

WomensDay_image1-final Established in 1911 and celebrated annually on March 8th, International Women’s Day provides a time to reflect upon and celebrate the many contributions women make to business, society, tech, politics, and more. At Mediafly, we enjoy participating in International Women’s Day by shining a spotlight on our female colleagues’ accomplishments and experiences.

To celebrate IWD 2019, we are excited to feature Femasys, a medical technology company headquartered in the U.S., and their revolutionary efforts to advance women’s health causes like infertility and family planning.

Femasys: Transforming Women’s Healthcare Worldwide

Removing barriers to high-quality and affordable healthcare is a key tenet of the Women’s Rights movement. The movement educates and informs women, particularly those in underserved regions of the world, about every option they have to protect and improve their health.

WomensDay_image2-final Femasys, a Mediafly customer since 2018, is “transforming women’s healthcare worldwide by developing a platform of innovative in-office gynecological solutions,” says Kayla Sepsick, Product Manager at Femasys. She shares that it is “incredibly exciting to come to work every day and know that my efforts directly impact women’s lives.”

Founded in 2004, Femasys is committed to innovation that exceeds patients’ and providers’ expectations of quality and excellence. Their best-in-class product portfolio features products designed for use in a gynecological office rather than in a hospital setting, removing cost and access barriers for women around the world. According to Sepsick, “many of Femasys’ product offerings replace technology and procedures that have not been advanced in over 100 years, allowing our products to provide significant impact to both women and their physicians.”

Femasys’ flagship product, the FemBloc® Permanent Contraceptive System, is a safe, cost-effective family planning alternative for women. This groundbreaking non-surgical technology is “designed to reduce risk and cost to patients and the healthcare system at large,” says Sepsick. It also provides an alternative to women who may be considering surgery or other forms of birth control.

Femasys leverages the Mediafly platform to ensure that the physicians participating in their FemBloc Permanent Contraceptive System clinical trial have reliable access to the “training videos, materials, and procedure guides [that] help the physicians conduct the procedures successfully,” says Sepsick.

The participating physicians access the Femasys Training Portal using the iPad/iPhone, Windows, web, or Android applications built by Mediafly. They can sync the interactive procedure guides or webinar training videos to their devices for seamless offline consumption and take private Notes.

If a procedure guide needs to be updated, Femasys can quickly push these changes directly to the physicians’ devices by leveraging Airship, Mediafly’s content management platform. Femasys also uses Airship to access analytics dashboards that track which physicians have (or have not) completed the trainings and how long they spent on each training. These insights ensure compliance with training protocol and provide an opportunity for Femasys to solicit feedback from physicians.

QuoteMarks “The clinical trial we are conducting is already changing the lives of the women participating, and Mediafly has helped our team train efficiently. We are able to quickly update the materials on the physician’s training app allowing for immediate dissemination of critical information,” Sepsick says.

Femasys has also developed FemVue®, which allows for a “diagnosis of tubal infertility in the [gynecologist’s] office.” According to materials provided by Femasys, “1 out of 3 infertile women have blocked fallopian tubes and most have no symptoms. The only way to know if the tubes are causing infertility is to have them checked.”

WomensDay_image3-final All of Femasys’ products, coupled with physician training and educational materials, give women across the globe the information and options they need to protect and improve their health. Their powerful and convenient technology immediately gives women struggling with infertility the answers they are looking for from the doctor they trust.

On this International Women’s Day, and every day, we are proud to partner with Femasys as they advance women’s family planning and infertility initiatives across the globe!

Whitney is a Customer Success Manager at Mediafly. She works closely alongside clients like PepsiCo and Procter and Gamble to ensure they always derive maximum value from their partnership with Mediafly. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Marketing.

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