Intelligence: Leveraging Data to Optimize Content and Sales Effectiveness – with Liz McChrystal (Accent Technologies)

By Tom Pisello | July 12, 2020

A while back, I spoke with Liz McChrystal, VP of customer experience with Accent Technologies. We discussed how the first wave of Sales Enablement, a world of content management, sales readiness and point solutions, is quickly being replaced with a second wave, which is all about data, integration, intelligence and AI.

A few key points:

“A few years ago, Sales Enablement was really focused on content and efficiency gains, and making it easy for reps to find information, helping marketing really streamline the sales materials and how they’re updated and distributed…Now the industry is making a move really from a focus on sales efficiency to sales effectiveness.”

On how data can be leveraged today:

“I feel like sales and content analytic data is very powerful, and that it allows reps to set themselves up from the content perspective. Reps can make more informed decisions on what to share, and when to share, and truly understand how the content is going to impact the energy of the opportunity or the relationship. And, it’s really the insights from the data capture that are providing that true visibility into what’s working and what’s not.”

Well worth a listen!

Change is good!

Keep Evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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