If it Don’t Make Dollars It Don’t Make Sense

By Tom Pisello | October 4, 2021

If it Don’t Make Dollars It Don’t Make Sense

When it comes to your customers, unless you can prove to them that the proposed project will generate significant savings, boost productivity, reduce risk and drive transformation and growth, it is likely not going to get approved. Executives, the ever-larger buying-committee and the CF”No” are all there to be sure financial justification is solid.

And this is why you need to better communicate and quantify value to your prospects throughout the buyer’s journey and customers throughout their lifecycle. But getting value right is not easy.

When it comes to scaling a value program, what are the steps you should take to get it right?

In our EVOLVE 2021 conference, we had the opportunity to interview Vikas Mundada, Director of Customer Value Management from identity and access management security provider Ping Identity.

In this session, Vikas reviewed the stepwise approach he took to get his Value Enablement program right, sequentially from:

1) The establishment of a solid Value Defined foundation to understand exactly what value customers were realizing from the solutions, to refine the value drivers and storytelling.

2) To converting consulting spreadsheets into an interactive application that every seller could use to develop a quick business value / ROI analysis and consultants could use to engage in even more important deals.

3) To distilling the sales application for the corporate web site and self-service use so customers could self-assess.

4) To ultimately deploying Realized ROI tools to Customer Success, to make value achieved a key part of each QBR.

Vikas, interviewed by Dan Sixsmith and the late Bryan Leopard of Mediafly, had a lot to share and demonstrate regarding the art of the possible, lessons learned, and his team’s accomplishments.

Checkout the on-demand recording here: https://assets.mediafly.com/l/Nrd4zXGgjkpU

Checkout the slides from the session here: https://assets.mediafly.com/l/hUeCunpMZMpB

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