How Smart Content Management Can Supercharge Distributor Partnerships

By | January 16, 2024

Distributors are an important partner for many CPG companies, helping brands reach larger markets without having to establish their own infrastructure. However, selling through distribution partners can often feel like ceding control of your destiny — you’ve lost some control over your sales initiatives. It’s hard to know how they’re selling your products, what content they are using, what’s actually resonating and how they are helping your brand shine in the sea of competitors.

Without visibility into how distributors carry out their sales, it can be hard for brand teams to equip distributors with the content and information needed to be successful. And without insights into what’s really working, CPGs cannot uncover the roots of potential sales obstacles, let alone take steps to fix them.

But the good news is distributor sales don’t have to be a black box. Get insights into what’s working and empower your distributors to be your best brand advocates with the help of a sales content management system.

Empower Distributors to Be Your Best Brand Advocates

The world of consumer goods is both competitive and complex. It’s imperative for brands to be able to stand out from the crowd. While distributors provide access to broader markets and often offer specialized expertise, it can be hard to know if they are representing your brand in the best way. 

How can you arm your distributors to strike that elusive balance of both representing your brand well and leveraging their category and market insights? Leading CPGs arm distributors with access to a sales content management system full of branded sales assets. These assets provide partners with the on-brand materials they need while still giving them enough leeway to leverage their expertise (on the market, customer profiles, and local market trends) to tailor materials in a way that will resonate with their unique audience. By also providing guidelines and example content, you enable your distributor team to tailor their sales approach in a way that effectively tells your story without straying too far from core company principles.

Increase Speed-to-Market with Sales Content Governance

The world of consumer goods moves fast. While you may be equipping your distributor partners with sales content and materials, how quickly does it become stale and outdated? 

With a sales content management system, CPGs can arm their distributors with always up-to-date content. For segments with rapid promotion cycles, having access to the latest material is critical. With a sales content management system, content can easily be update to ensure no outdated content or information lives on when promotions change or expire.

By establishing a single source of truth for all product information and promotional materials, you’re able to close the information gap between distribution partners and your brand team and arm them with real-time updates. 

Leverage Data-Driven Insights for Distributor-Powered Growth

You can’t scale success if you don’t know what works. With distribution partners it can be near impossible to understand what content they’re using, what messages are resonating and what’s actually driving sales. 

A sales content management system can give your team visibility into what content distribution partners are using and what’s leading success. Armed with this information, you can understand which materials are most effective, which channels drive sales, and where they should allocate resources for maximum impact.

Research indicates that high-performing organizations are 37% more likely to track the success of their content using data and insights than their low-performing counterparts. Stop relying on intuition and start leaning on data to help you drive greater sales success.

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