How do you get Sales Enablement Adopted? w/ Eric Spenske (Givaudan)

By Tom Pisello | April 7, 2020

In my interview with the charismatic and knowledgeable Eric Spenske of Givaudan, we discussed some of the challenges facing sales professionals today as well as some of the ways to address said challenges.

Here is what Eric had to say on the Challenges he himself faced when taking over marketing at his current company …

“I think taking it on as I did at the time, which was a little over five years ago now, I found that the big challenge was as fast as our industry was changing, (and the consumer dynamic was certainly changing that), the customer dynamic, a lot of innovation, a lot of investment in food creating all that innovation made it really get to the point where we were increasingly challenged when we were out in front of customers. To be able to bring the information that they needed…to have the right approach, to have the right content, to have the right value proposition, and then really the follow up and the follow through that was needed was getting increasingly difficult. “

On the next ‘big’ things he is working on…

“One [thing] is just to build a better playbook. Again, I think providing the customer-facing team with better direction… more direction on what are the various selling scenarios and how do they go about winning with a customer…”

Listen to the full interview here!

What will your next move be in your sales playbook?

Keep Evolving EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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