How a Sales App User Interface Boosts Sales Effectiveness and Efficiency with Digital Asset Management

By Meghan Ganzer | April 9, 2019

You only get one shot to make a positive first impression. As a sales rep, not only do you face challenges of getting in front of buyers and having enough time with buyers, but you also worry about making the first impression count. When it’s all on the line and you have five minutes to demonstrate value, what’s your move?

Interactive and Customized Digital Assets Have Replaced Paper-Based Collateral

Modern sellers know they must create sales interactions that engage buyers quickly and leave them wanting more. To do this, progressive companies are shifting away from paper-based leave-behinds and selling with digital assets. Digital content is beneficial for two reasons: First, digital content allows sellers to pivot on the fly and change gears to discuss what the buyer is most interested in. Second, marketing and sales management easily measure and track content usage and effectiveness.

Sales Presentation Your buyer doesn’t want the same generic presentation you recite during every sales meeting. Total snooze fest. Buyers want to call the shots and get to the bottom line with the limited time you have together to grasp how your product or solution will enhance their business. Digital assets provide sellers an opportunity to create collaborative discussions involving the buyer to focus on what they care about most.

Pairing Digital Asset Management with Sales Enablement for Better Tracking of Content Consumption to Offer Actionable Data

Data on a computer Digital asset management systems deliver content measurement and tracking capabilities to drive future strategic decisions. Marketers leverage the data to gain insight into what content is being used and what helps drive deals forward to allocate more time to creating these types of materials. Sales managers benefit from understanding what content is shown to prospects, when in the sales process it is used, and its influence to win deals.

But not all digital asset platforms are created equal. Pairing content management with sales enablement technology provides an extra layer to customize the user experience. Depending on the structure of your sales organization, you may find the out-of-the-box user interface doesn’t align with your specific business needs.

Marketing and content administrators organize and distribute content to many internal roles (i.e. sales, alliances, marketing) for different uses, such as sales presentations, follow-up material, training, and reference resources. While the standard user interface is an effective place to start, marketers may want to deliver content in a visually distinctive way (i.e. banners, carousels, search results, etc.) to make it quick and easy for all roles to find what they need.

Introducing Workspaces: The Right Content at the Right Time to Boost Customer Engagement

SalesApp_image3 Workspaces were created to empower content administrators to design visually rich, custom layouts to highlight the right content to their sales teams in the right way. Workspaces take digital asset management to the next level by guiding sellers to the content they are intended to find and use while reducing the effort it takes to search and navigate towards the right content.

Even more, each experience can be customized to the individual user, based on their needs and requirements. Ultimately, when new sales training modules are made available, a sales rep can receive this alert upon entering the system and quickly jump into the training program to complete assigned tasks.

A sales app user interface can make all the difference during a face-to-face sales interaction. Sellers feel more confident in their ability to guide buyers on a unique customer journey and quickly have the most relevant materials at their fingertips.

To learn more about customizing a sales enablement tool to benefit your organization and sellers, shoot us a note.

Meghan Ganzer is the Digital Communications Manager at Mediafly. Since making the strategic shift from sales to marketing, Meghan has focused on content writing, external communications, and event collaboration to support the Mediafly sales team through demand generation. Meghan attended Miami University in Ohio and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

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