Guest Webinar: Removing Friction from Today’s Sales Process

By Tom Pisello | August 12, 2020

Despite the changing landscape, reps have to put up the numbers, sales leaders still have to nail the forecast, and Ops and Enablement must be ahead at every step.

    Quotas don’t sleep. As a result, you should be asking your team and be able to confidently answer:

  • How can we improve visibility and predictability?
  • How can we ensure our sellers are engaging with the right content and tools?
  • How can our sellers deliver the financial justification needed to break through budget restrictions?

In this panel, Tom Pisello, the ROI guy, founder of Evolved Selling Institute and Chief Evangelist for sales enablement firm Mediafly interviews Todd Abbott, President & COO at InsightSquared on the opportunity to eliminate friction points and accelerate your digital selling transformation.

Now, ONDEMAND: Click the link to listen!

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