Go in Slow to Come out Fast

By Tom Pisello | May 28, 2020

When I was a performance driving instructor, we used mnemonics to help our students remember the most important elements of how to go faster and keep the shiny side up. When it came to taking a corner, the advice we gave to students on how to best handle a turn was often the hardest to understand: “Go in slow to come out fast”.

Too often, a new driver would go into a tight corner with too much speed. As a result, they would spend much of the turn trying to get the car back under control and pointed correctly instead of being tidy, on-line and accelerating much more quickly on exit.

As we go into and through the turn in the crisis, this advice of “go in slow to come out fast” could serve us well. There is a huge desire to get back to business as usual, but this may be a great time to pause, do a little more coordination, rather than hard charging and going off-line.

So what does that mean? Much has changed with regards to travel restrictions, remote selling and buyer budget lockdowns, while much remains the same. It is a great time to pause and assure that your sales enablement, content marketing and value selling plans are aligned to the new reality.

    Here are just a few key questions you might ask your team members to pause and assure alignment?

  • Do sellers have the ability to engage buyers remotely as good or better than they were doing in person?
  • Is your messaging and content aligned to priority challenges buyer now care most about (as this might have changed)?
  • Can sellers collaborate with buyers to deliver the financial justification needed to prioritize your proposal and get approval from frugal buying committees and executives?
  • Can growth reps and customer success collaborate with buyers on Realized ROI for post-sales justification on renewals, expansions and cross-sells?
  • Can your sellers easily share content to buyer committees and track consumption to know the level of engagement and forecast predictability?

For these and other questions where your response shows a gap, during this pause period you should seek to close the gap prior to charging forward at full speed.

To help in your “pause” alignment planning, checkout the interactive Evolved Selling Journey roadmap tool at: https://esi.valuestoryapp.com/evolvedselling/journey

This interactive on-line application will help you to map out where you are currently, and what the next steps are to drive improvements, delivered on-line and in a personalized assessment report.

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