EVOLVERs Spotlight: VMware Cloud on AWS TCO Calculator

By Tom Pisello | March 3, 2021

Just how much better and less expensive is VMware running on the AWS cloud versus on-premises?

This is the question VMware wanted to answer, so customers could quickly determine for themselves the economic advantages and options available to them.

The VMware team leveraged Mediafly’s proprietary data and customized TCO tool to provide a self-service asset customers, partners and sellers could use to determine the TCO advantages of VMware cloud on AWS.

In less than 5 minutes, the tool collects information about the environment and opportunity and provides a head to head comparison. All assumptions can be reviewed and fine tuned to completely personalize the assessment results.

VMware leverages the TCO calculator in value-added outreach campaigns to inspire change and help customers save even more.

Click here to see the tool in action for yourself – https://vmware.valuestoryapp.com/vmwarecloud/

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