Collaborate with the ROI Guy on your Value Communication and Quantification

By Tom Pisello | August 1, 2020

Budget lockdowns, Spending Freezes COVID committees oh my!

Financial justification is a requirement, that is if you want to get your proposal considered, prioritized and approved.

And not just for your biggest deals. You need to proactively provide a compelling and credible business case / ROI for all your prospects.

But scaling your value capabilities beyond just your value engineering / consulting resources isn’t easy (and that’s if you even have a consulting team).

    Some key questions to consider:

  • How well can you sellers articulate the differentiating value your solution can deliver?
  • Are your reps armed with easy to use tools to collaborate with every prospect on the cost of “do nothing” and the savings / business value you can uniquely deliver?
  • And what about post sales Realized ROI … can your customer success group go beyond adoption metrics to quantify the real savings / business value delivered to assure renewal and expand sell?
    With this new JumpStart ROI program you can collaborate with Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy, and his team to quickly (in less than 3 weeks):

  • 1) Develop differentiated value messaging and storytelling
  • 2) Create an easy to use and credible interactive business value assessment (BVA) / ROI tool
  • 3) Try the tool out in a pilot program at no risk
  • 4) Deploy the tool to all your sellers, to introduce value earlier and most effectively into every deal.
  • 5) Track the adoption and usage of value with your sellers, and moreover, the engagement of your prospects as they view and share their personalized assessment report.

Checkout the new program here and sign-up, no risk:

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