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Better Value Selling in Four Easy Steps w/ Mike Wilkinson (The Value Selling Expert / Axia Value Solutions)

By Tom Pisello | October 16, 2020

In my interview with Mike Wilkinson (consultant, author and well known as “The Value Selling Expert”), we discussed the important need for value selling, and four easy steps you can use to optimize how your sellers engage with value: Qualify the Value, Value Discovery, Value Demonstration and Delivery of Value.

He had many wonderful insights and here are just a few of his thoughts and offerings…

“Of course we need to understand what we think our value is. So that we’re well positioned to communicate that value once we understand how our customers define value. You’ll know what’s coming next. And the problem is, all too frequently that I find that sellers still talk product first rather than customer first.“

“One of the greatest skills of effective sellers is the ability to summarize and I think before we move from value discovery, the very last (or third) thing we should be doing is summarizing back to the customer, ‘So these are the things -these are the issues and challenges you’re facing right now. This is the effect these issues are having in your business.‘ Monetized as much as humanly possible, ya, because that pain, the monetary pain is what will create motivation to do something.

More so that the potential gain you might have. So, there may be some benefit there obviously. But the last bit is, given the scale of the issue and the impact it’s having on your business. Are you committed to doing something about it? Because I think getting commitment from the customer is just so, so important.“

You can hear the full episode here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6DLKQgSnj6XPAWzEDvT9Cj

Know your worth, people!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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