Attention Deficit: B2B Buyers Spending Less Time with Solution Providers

By Tom Pisello | March 17, 2020

When a buying decision is being made, sellers think they have a lot of time with prospects to help them in reviewing potential options and making the purchase decision. However, Gartner research indicates this is far from the truth.

With more stakeholders involved in each decision, a gauntlet of internal process steps to navigate, and more reliance on independent content, there is less time than ever that buyers actually spend with potential suppliers.

According to Gartner, only 17% of the buyer’s journey is spent in meetings with potential suppliers.

So what does this mean?

The Good: Buyers still perceive this solution provider time as important in the decision-making process, but just have less time for it.

The Bad: When you think of multiple providers potentially being involved, you may only get 5% of their total time and attention.

    The Ugly: You often only have “one shot” to get it right, so you need to ask yourself: “Is every customer conversation and engagement:

  • Providing proactive and prescriptive value-added advice
  • Delivering practical support to help buyers navigate the difficult journey
  • Differentiated from the other providers.

The Bottom-Line

Gartner advises addressing the more complex buying journey by empowering sellers to help buyers buy, with Buyer Enablement.

    With less buyer time, sales enablement, content marketing and value consulting need to help sellers make every customer conversation and engagement matter:

  • Diagnostic assessments – Helping buyers to identify the right challenges to address and create a vision as to the “art of the possible
  • Prescriptive advice – Helping buyers with what to do and how to do it, communicating and quantifying the value and outcomes proposed
  • Practical support – Helping buyers proactively navigate each specific step in the decision-making process to streamline the journey.


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