Amazing Sales Enablement Successes: Four Examples – with Matt Suggs

By Tom Pisello | December 13, 2019

When you’re a sales leader for some of the best like Oracle, Ariba and GE, you learn a thing or two about engaging prospects, planning and preparing, as well as enabling sales teams. In this session with Matt Suggs, EVP of Sales for sales enablement leader Mediafly, we dive into real world examples from Pepsico, Miller Coors and Coupa, to illustrate best practices across each pillar of the Evolved Selling Journey – Inspiring, Influential, Interactive and Intelligence.

Matt had some incredible insight into the importance of planning, preparation, and a “be ready for anything” approach that solidifies the importance of being prepared.

Here are just a few of his thoughts…

Varying conditions can really impact your performance in both sports and sales alike.

“…and just like selling, your ability to adjust to those conditions you’re competing in is a BIG key to success.”

On planning ahead and being prepared:

“I think experienced sellers are seldom phased by the challenges that they’ve seen before and they encounter them over and over again in their competitive opportunities. But… Sellers that prepare and plan for the unexpected can overcome obstacles they encounter even the first time.”

“Luck begets the prepared individual.”

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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