A Chief Customer Officer Accelerating into 2021 and Beyond w/ Yamini Rangan (Hubspot)

By Tom Pisello | July 8, 2021


Why is the Chief Customer Officer so important now to growth success, and what should your strategy focus on for 2021 sales, marketing, customer success and service success?

In this interview with Yamini Rangan, the CCO of Hubspot, we discussed the accelerated shift to digital, remote and economic focused buyers and the leadership and strategy you need to execute in 2021 to be prepared and succeed. She had much insight to share. Here a just a few take-aways:

On the role of CCO:

“The role of chief customer officer is somewhat new. So, I would say somewhere in the last five or six years it’s kind of taken on its shape. And, if you think about it, the most important aspect of SAAS and B2b SAAS in particular, is not how you win customers, but how you retain and continue to provide value to customers. We say that retention is even more important than acquisition, and how you sell and provide service is why you win. There’s been a whole fundamental shift in the last 10 years from a SAAS perspective where how you sell, how you actually have conversations with your customers, and the experience, is even more important than the product or the brand or anything else that you can actually think about. So I think that part of that revolution and evolution has actually created the need for having a chief customer officer.” “I have been in office cultures where Monday through Friday you are in the office, And that’s how we got work done. But, very similar to the digital transformation, the whole evolution of remote as a completely viable way for someone to work, be exceptionally productive, and have an increasingly challenging and impactful career? That is also here to stay.

I think what we have found this year is that a lot of the myths about being remote have just been busted. ‘Oh yeah your remote you can’t be as productive or oh your remote you need to have face time in order for your career to grow or to have impactful jobs.’ Or, ‘You are in a different time zone and it’s going to be hard for you to collaborate with people in very different time zones’. Like a lot of the myths that we’ve carried, they’ve kind of been busted. And I do think that hybrid is here to stay. I don’t think we’ll ever get to a Hundred percent remote, or 100% work-in-the-office culture, at least in tech And a lot of the industries where we have the tools and the ability to get there. And you know, at HubSpot, the culture at hub spot Is really, really strong. And one of the things that we’ve been talking about is that it is much more about the people and not just about the place.”

Check out the full episode to learn more: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7c8lMlSkYkHm1PNNWxgRZf

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