The Ten Sales Content Metrics That Matter Most

By Ben Turner | September 26, 2023

As buyers increasingly choose to interact with sellers digitally it’s no secret they’re leaving treasure troves of data behind. Every sales leader is scrambling to collect as much of that data as they can to provide their teams with the best sales analytics and insights to be as effective as possible. Markets and Markets estimates that the sales intelligence market size will grow from $2.4 billion in 2019 to $3.4 billion in 2024. It’s a big deal. 

Gartner defines Revenue Intelligence tools as, “solutions that enhance the activity management, deal insights and pipeline analytics offered by sales force automation (SFA) platforms. Revenue intelligence platforms facilitate the capture of sales interactions and coach sellers to quickly anticipate buyers’ needs”. However, the same report fails to count the content reps send to buyers as an interaction. Content engagement analytics are a massive indicator of deal health, key to optimizing content, and should be collected to inform revenue intelligence.

The importance of tracking content engagement

There are myriad metrics that organizations use to collect and drive their revenue intelligence efforts, including:

While some are familiar to most sales leaders, others are metrics that once were invisible, now offer a sizable opportunity to impact and inform their revenue strategies. The purpose of this blog is to talk about the importance of one set of metrics in particular – content engagement.

Today only 5%of a buyer’s time is spent with a vendor, and 55% of buyers are in a state of information overload just from the information they get from sellers. During the 95% of time that buyers spend away from you, you still must break through the information overload to stand out from the sea of content buyers are constantly bombarded with. You need to influence buyers’ decision making during that 95%. Content is the only way. With proper content engagement analytics and insights, you can optimize and tailor your content so it’s working for you when you’re not in the room.

The metrics to track

Every organization has internal content and external content, content for specific roles, content for specific industries and/or company sizes, specific content for each sales stage. It’s not a one-size fits all. In order to create the content possible you need to be tracking the success of each piece of content with each persona, in each industry, at each moment in the sales cycle it’s used. Here are the top 10 content engagement metrics you should be tracking:

What to do with your content engagement analytics?

In order to chart an intentional course forward – for anything – you first need to understand what exists today and identify where your gaps are. Semrush recently found 44% of marketers and business owners said improving the quality & value of their content has led to increased success. That’s easier said than done. It starts with a content audit. Fifty-three percent of marketers and business owners said they saw improvements in content engagement rates after a content audit. Once you have an inventory of the content you have, use the analytics to measure their success and then:












Content engagement metrics simply aren’t enough anymore. The number of shares, clicks, and opens don’t correlate to closed won. There are deeper, better insights you need to optimize content strategy. You must be able to connect individual pieces of content – when, how and with who they are used – to win rates. At Mediafly, we’ve made this a priority.. We’re extremely proud to launch a new offering: Enhanced Content Insights. With Mediafly’s new and improved Enhanced Content Insights, you can connect sales content to cold, hard cash. With this new offering you’ll know what content works, with who, when – so you can do it again, and again, and again.To learn more about our new Enhanced Content Insights offering, take our product demo below!


Ben Turner is a product manager at Mediafly, where he focuses on driving growth and innovation for the company’s Intelligence360 offering. With a strong background in product management and a passion for data analytics, Ben is responsible for developing and launching new solutions that help customers optimize their sales strategies. Prior to joining Mediafly Ben spent six years at InsightSquared with a variety of roles in sales & partnership management.

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