5 Benefits of Using a Content Management Tool

By Lindsey Tishgart | July 11, 2023

B2B sales has changed. Today’s buyers prefer to interact with buyers via digital channels, and are up to 70% through their research before they talk to a seller. With less time to influence more buyer stakeholders B2B sellers need to make the most of every interaction. Every piece of sales collateral needs to captivate buyers and add value. That requires having efficient processes and tools in place to manage and organize sales collateral. However, according to the Content Management & Strategy survey by Content Marketing Institute, only 25% of enterprises have the right technology for managing content across their organizations, highlighting the need for modern sales content management solutions that break down silos between GTM functions and drive sales via engaging, easily customizable content. At their core, sales content management tools make it easy and quick for sellers to access, personalize, and share the right external buyer activation content for every region and stakeholder role. Using a content management tool to store and organize your B2B sales content can help your organization:

In B2B sales the effective management of sales collateral is a critical success factor. Harnessing the power of a top-tier content management hub, businesses can empower their revenue teams, enhance customer engagement, and drive revenue growth. Content management tools are necessary to adapt to new, digital buyer preferences that continue to evolve. Check out how it works in our product tour!

Lindsey is a senior marketing leader with a passion for creating highly engaging brand experiences through storytelling, digital marketing, design, product and events. She joined Mediafly through the acquisition of InsightSquared where she served as CMO. Her 20+ year career spans multiple industries and disciplines from startups to Fortune 500, SaaS to live music and entertainment.

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