The 7 Revenue Intelligence Signals You Don’t Want To Miss

By Ben Turner | April 25, 2023

Revenue intelligence is all about using data analytics, machine learning, and AI to gather, analyze, and interpret customer and sales data to boost revenue growth and operational efficiency. Gartner defines revenue intelligence as, “third-party solutions that enhance the activity management, deal insights and pipeline analytics offered by sales force automation (SFA) platforms”. This involves collecting data from various sources including customer interactions across myriad channels throughout the buying journey, sales pipelines, and marketing campaigns. Organizations can use the data to identify trends, patterns, and insights that can help them be agile and make informed business decisions.


The new B2B buying journey

We’re seeing monumental shifts in B2B buying and selling. Millennials and Gen Z currently make up 64% of B2B buyers, and that number will only continue to grow. They are digital natives who prefer to research companies on their own through various channels. COVID-19 accelerated the digitization of the buying and selling process in the B2B world. Economic uncertainty and headwinds are causing businesses to shift to a mindset of sustainable growth as they plan for flat or reduced growth in 2023.1 

Today, 55% of B2B buying interactions are self-guided. Companies must adapt their engagement strategies to cater to the demands of this new generation of buyers and be proactive and consultative when they engage with buyers. These changes have made revenue intelligence technology a crucial component of an effective revenue tech stack. To succeed, companies are now investing in tech that leverages AI automation to improve GTM teams’ efficiency and effectiveness, including technologies like OpenAI and Chat GPT. Gartner believes that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions will happen in digital channels. In this increasingly digitized sales world GTM teams must be armed with technology that helps them foster a deep understanding of their buyers. Ninety-one percent of B2B sellers and managers now consider the ability to track buyer engagement activity as crucial to their success.2

The reality is that even though buying groups are growing and sales cycles are increasing in duration the buying process is narrowing. And sellers have fewer and fewer opportunities to influence it.3 In fact, Gartner found that “reps only have roughly 5% of a customer’s time during their B2B buying journey”. Top tier revenue intelligence technology arms reps with the information they need to be as effective and consultative as possible during that 5%.


“In an insights-driven system, sellers don’t act passively based on the insights provided. Instead, they take the action they feel is best for that interaction based on insights and knowledge of what worked in the past.” – Seth Marrs, Principal Analyst at Forrester


The buying signals that really matter

Most revenue intelligence vendors focus on call and email data, but you can only get so much from calls and emails alone. To generate the insights needed to enable your GTM team to be as effective and efficient as possible, organizations need to track and analyze as many buyer interactions – with and without sellers – as they possibly can.

A complete picture of activity is the only way to fully understand your buyer in today’s world of digital sales. Mediafly is the only vendor that can provide that – and we do it at a fraction of the cost.

Here are just 7 of the revenue intelligence signals Mediafly captures:

For a closer look at more revenue intelligence signals that only Mediafly can capture, check out this short demo video.



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Ben Turner is a product manager at Mediafly, where he focuses on driving growth and innovation for the company’s Intelligence360 offering. With a strong background in product management and a passion for data analytics, Ben is responsible for developing and launching new solutions that help customers optimize their sales strategies. Prior to joining Mediafly Ben spent six years at InsightSquared with a variety of roles in sales & partnership management.

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