5 Areas to Consider when Evaluating a Sales Enablement Technology for Digital Transformation

By Meghan Rees | March 21, 2018

The process of selecting a sales enablement technology can be daunting when the stakes are high for the organization. Use this guide to structure your sales enablement evaluation and find the vendor that meets your needs.

1) Business Value & Alignment

Confirm this solution will work for all stakeholders including Sales, Marketing and IT teams. One mistake many companies make is choosing a technology that only benefits one team, but does not deliver value for the others.

2) Customization

Align internally on how important a customized sales enablement solution is for your organization. Determine how easily you can adapt the solution for specific business and sales needs.

3) Implementation

Purchasing a new sales and marketing tool is great, but don’t forget to think about the time it takes to implement. Make sure the sales enablement solution you choose is complemented by a dedicated account service team that guides you through a seamless roll out to your users.

4) Product Roadmap

Before selecting a sales enablement technology, ask about where they’re going. Learning where the company is heading allows a sneak peek into its product innovation and its ability to think ahead to continuously improve the solution based on customer feedback.

5) Security

You’re going to want to dig deep on security, especially if you’re an industry with compliance requirements, such as financial services or life sciences. Find out the technical and human processes by covering these topics.

Don’t forget to use the resources at your fingertips! Case studies, customer testimonials and user experience reviews can be found on most websites and will help you get a full picture of the sales enablement solution that is best for your organization.

Download the pdf version or for more information about sales enablement technology, visit www.Mediafly.com.

About Mediafly
Mediafly was founded on the principle that people hate being sold to because it rarely addresses their needs. By using our technology, the world’s top companies are able to shape sales presentations in real time, rather than boring their customers with generic pitch decks built the night before. Sales teams using Mediafly are more effective in each meeting because they engage their customers with insights that are relevant to them. We call this Evolved Selling™.

Evolved Selling™ takes sales enablement to the next level by incorporating methodologies and technology that enhances engagement with prospective buyers. Read more about our approach to Evolved Selling™.

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