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Mediafly's Extensions for a custom exprience

Customized sales applications as unique as your brand

Mediafly’s Extensions empower companies to create fully custom sales experiences with a robust development environment to add virtually unlimited advanced functionality and integrations that don’t already exist.

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Mediafly’s Extensions platform

Transform the buyer-seller dynamic to create engaging buying experiences as unique as your brand.




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Dynamic presentations


Custom app experiences

Companies that leverage Mediafly’s Extensions platform:


Increase revenue


Accelerate deal velocity


Engage high-level stakeholders in sales conversations sooner


Drive buyer satisfaction

Mediafly enablement

Modern businesses have access to a wealth of data, insights, and technology to ensure every sales interaction someone has with their brand is tailored to their personal preferences, interests, and behaviors. Yet many of today’s leading companies still struggle to lead sales engagements that effectively communicate and quantify their brands’ value propositions in the context of what their buyers care about.

Impact the live engagement between buyer and seller to drive more sales

Offer buyers the personalized and customized experiences they’ve come to expect.

  • Empower your sales reps with a custom, branded user interface housing the dynamic content needed to tell a differentiating story about the value of your product or service in the context of your buyer’s business
  • Capture input from your buyers in real-time and use those insights to guide more personalized sales discussions
  • Seamlessly incorporate 3rd party, customer-specific data into live sales interactions to build credibility and help influence buyers 

Seamlessly leverage new and emerging technologies to drive buyer satisfaction

Create differentiating sales experiences that buyers actually look forward to.

  • Ensure your sellers are always presenting the latest, most relevant content to buyers with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  • Show, don’t sell. Augmented reality can help buyers effectively visualize the benefits of your solution
  • Transform traditional guided selling materials into interactive sales tools for more collaborative and consultative buyer-seller interactions

Easily incorporate one-of-a-kind capabilities to meet your business goals

Your business is unique. Your sales enablement solution should be too.

  • Think about how you want to sell without any constraints and effectively deliver that experience through your sales team
  • Build-in any custom capabilities you need to push your business across the finish line without breaking the bank
  • Create the customized sales experience that can truly drive the greatest sales outcomes for your organization without sacrificing the best-in-class experience or five-star maintenance of an out-of-the-box solution

Stuck between building a custom sales app from the ground-up and selecting a configurable out-of-the-box solution that may not meet all of your needs? Those don’t have to be your only options.

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By transforming our sales process with the help of Mediafly, we saw over 30% growth in sales.

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Is Mediafly’s Extensions platform right for you?

We work with companies large and small who have complex or diverse products and services to sell, from beverages to financial. To learn whether Mediafly’s Extensions platform is right for your company, request a demo!

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Is your business’s full value being seen and understood by customers and prospects?

Communicating “value” is often cited as the biggest barrier to achieving sales growth goals, meaning the customers’ perceived value of your product or service is far lower that the reality.

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