Mediafly Named Leader in 2024 Aragon Research Globe™ for Sales Enablement Platforms

By Mediafly | February 6, 2024

In the world of B2B buying and selling, change is the only constant. And this past year saw more change than ever before — largely due to the rise of new technologies like Generative AI. 

Aragon Research recently released its Globe™ for Sales Enablement, which highlights recent advancements in the Sales Enablement space. 

In this year’s report, Aragon evaluated 16 vendors across a variety of criteria including strategy, performance and reach and recognized Mediafly as a leader in the space. Aragon recognizes Mediafly’s ability to improve seller productivity and win rates and highlighted the platform’s strengths in sales content management, personalized deal rooms, sales coaching, revenue intelligence and approach to immersive content experiences. 

We are incredibly honored, as this reflects the growing importance of revenue enablement and Mediafly’s position leading the market with our comprehensive approach to solving today’s toughest revenue challenges. And we know this recognition isn’t possible without the support of our customers and partners who play a pivotal role shaping our products and the future of this industry. 

Gen AI: The Advancement Felt ‘Round the World

The most talked about technology over the past 12 months is, without question, Generative AI. This year’s Globe highlights the massive impact that GenAI holds for the sales enablement space and notes that the impact of GenAI is larger than any other advancement that Aragon has tracked in the past 6 years of this report! 

Aragon believes that the growing influence of GenAI will lead to the rise of Intelligent Sales Assistants. Powered by GenAI, these assistants can automate overly manual and time consuming tasks for sellers, managers and leaders, that range from finding and creating content to sales coaching. 

However the effectiveness of these AI assistants will depend on the breadth and depth of data signals the AI models are fed. Aragon notes that conversation intelligence, which allows for the transcription and analysis sales calls, provides an effective revenue signal – but is made much more powerful when paired with content content analytics that provide a comprehensive understanding of content usage and consumption, both internally and externally. Together, these signals paired with other activity and engagement data can drive strategic customization of playbooks and content to ensure sellers  deliver the right message to the right stakeholder at the right stage of the deal. 

Mediafly is one of the vendors who has made advancements in this arena. In May of 2023, Mediafly became the first revenue enablement vendor to incorporate GPT and help revenue teams deliver high-quality, personalized interactions at scale through AI-generated content, personalization, enrichment, next best actions, coaching and virtual assistants. Mediafly recognizes the potential of GenAI and has a team dedicated solely to continued GenAI innovations. 

As the most comprehensive platform with a unified data lake for all revenue data (more on that below), Mediafly delivers massive efficiency gains for customers leveraging GenAI and is supporting use cases such as:

The Catalyst for Sales Tech Consolidation

Aragon also believes that the rise of GenAI and intelligent sales assistants will drive further consolidation within the sales tech market — especially between sales content management and sales communication vendors. Their vision is that one day intelligent sales assistants will be able to execute on sales playbooks and personalize emails and cadences, taking some of the burden off of sellers to execute these repetitive tasks.  

Over the past several years, the scope of enablement has evolved. Today, effective enablement programs encompass a spectrum of functions – from content management and learning and training to revenue intelligence, conversation intelligence and value selling – all in pursuit of empowering revenue teams to be more efficient and effective. 

GenAI holds incredible potential to deliver that efficiency and effectiveness, but it’s only as powerful as the data it’s trained on. While CRM remains the primary system for sales account and deal information, that data becomes much more powerful when pooled with activity and insights such as conversation intelligence, content analytics and more. This is where Mediafly shines, having invested in a unified data lake to house all of a customer’s revenue data – priming them to be able to leverage GenAI. 

Check out the Aragon report for yourself here (subscription required). 


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