Improving Sales Effectiveness to Meet Buyer Expectations

By Lindsey Tishgart | January 10, 2018

Forrester Research found B2B buyers are more inclined to purchase from sellers that drive valuable insights during the sales cycle. The gap between value delivered by sellers and expectations of buyers continues to widen, with only 8% of buyers believing sellers are focused on driving valuable end results. Mediafly takes you beyond sales enablement to create a new sales experience where buyers look forward to the next interaction. This is what we call Evolved Selling™.

Evolved Selling™ is a journey defined by four key components: dynamic, interactive, informed and integrated. Becoming a fully Evolved Seller means your sales interactions are impactful, personalized and designed with the buyer’s problem in mind.

Dynamic | Allowing immediate access to the most relevant and recent marketing-approved materials is how we address the issue of sales admin time. With over 60% of a seller’s time being spent on finding content and building presentations, a “one-stop shop” allows easy discovery of assets whether you’re preparing for a meeting or pivoting topics in front of the customer.

Interactive | Sellers that gather key input from buyers can drive strategic conversations tailored to the buyer’s needs. The most effective sellers shape sales presentations in real time, rather than boring customers with generic pitch decks built the night before. These sellers are engaging their buyers by leveraging insights that are relevant to them.

Informed | Providing data to customers about their industry, business or roadblock allows the entire salesforce to become stronger and viewed as a trusted advisor. The seller/buyer interaction is transformed from a linear to a more robust conversation, compelling prospects to continue dialogue to learn more about their business.

Integrated | While we know the majority of content created by marketing is not used by sellers, there is not always visibility into content adoption. By capturing and analyzing how and when content is used throughout the sales cycle, the effectiveness of marketing efforts can be measured and improved upon. Leadership can replicate successful sales processes and marketing leverages the data to inform their future content strategy.

Eliminating roadblocks to efficiency and time management is the first step towards a successful sales organization. The effectiveness of your sales team when in front of potential buyers is the next area to address. With less opportunity and time to sell, it’s crucial that every interaction is meaningful and leaves the buyer with excitement for the next meeting.

In our recent webinar, we covered:

You can find the full recording for our webinar here: Closing the Disconnect Between Buyers and Sellers

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