How Sales Enablement Technology Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By Hans Brieden | April 22, 2021

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Mediafly Celebrates Earth Day

Technology is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and interact with one another. The speed and depth of current breakthroughs have no historical precedent and are significantly impacting almost every sector of the world, including B2B selling. Fortunately, companies that adopt sales enablement technology to improve sales performance also positively impact the environment. 

Every April 22nd, Earth Day reminds us that we should all be doing more to reduce our carbon footprint. At Mediafly, our product isn’t what you’d typically think of as “green”, but in addition to empowering sellers and marketers, the use of our platform indirectly supports our customers’ corporate sustainability efforts. Here’s how: 

Sales Enablement Technology Enables Paperless Selling

Our customer PepsiCo struggled with how to efficiently manage and distribute content to its 12,000+ sales reps. The company was sending new and updated sales content via email. Once reps received the information, they’d print it off and compile it into binders to use in the field.

“We were printing off massive amounts of information – killing printers, essentially killing trees. And as soon as we’d print something, it would need to be updated. We couldn’t keep up, so most of what our customers were seeing in the field was out of date,” said Tom Stubbs, Sr. Director of Commercial Capability & Communications, Pepsi Beverages at PepsiCo. 

Now, using the analytics and reporting capabilities within Mediafly, Tom and his team know that 90% of users view and download up-to-date sales collateral for meetings and follow-up without wasting paper and energy to print.

While PepsiCo’s primary goal was to ensure its reps were always sharing accurate and up-to-date promotions and information with buyers, by default, they also reduced waste, improved sustainability, and substantially cut printing costs with Mediafly.

Sales Enablement Technology Streamlines Sales Meetings to Reduce Carbon Emissions

According to this article, just one hour of video-conferencing or streaming emits 150-1,000 grams of carbon dioxide (comparatively, a gallon of gasoline burned from a car emits about 8,887 grams). Meanwhile, in the sales world, over 75% of CEOs predict that video conferencing will replace regular conference calls. 

Sellers that use Mediafly’s sales enablement platform are uniquely positioned to offset these emissions because they’re able to lead more efficient sales meetings supported by interactive sales content and reduce the time spent on video conferencing.

Mediafly’s platform uses machine learning and AI-driven content recommendations to enable sellers to better react to buyer needs, and tailor presentations and content sets in real-time. Additionally, Mediafly streamlines the sales experience by automating data flow and providing a central hub for content. Putting all of your content at sellers’ fingertips and ensuring they can use it at exactly the right time eliminates the need for supplementary video calls, saving carbon emissions while increasing sales productivity.

Mediafly Employees Take Initiative (And you can too!)

In addition to using our own technology to lead more productive video meetings, our employees are also making an effort not to use video conferencing for every conversation. Studies show that leaving your camera off during a web meeting can reduce the carbon footprint of the call by 96%. 

Remember what it was like to talk on the phone? With the increased adoption of video calls, let’s not forget about all of the other great (and more energy-efficient) modes of communication we’ve been using for years. (Bonus: You can also avoid seeing what someone’s cooking for dinner in the background – pizza again? That’s the third time this week!). 

Interested in learning more about how sales enablement technology can help you drive sales performance and support your corporate sustainability initiatives? Contact us.

Hans Brieden is the PR & Content Marketing Coordinator at Mediafly. He is responsible for developing content that is engaging and informative to drive traffic and support lead generation. Additionally, he manages Mediafly’s public relations initiatives. Hans attended Grand Valley State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Public Relations.

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