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How Dr Falk Pharma UK helped its sales reps have better sales conversations – and how you can get started doing the same today

By Josh Dhaliwal | November 13, 2019

In our initial conversations with prospective customers, we always seem to hear the same pains:

“Our content is difficult to manage with assets scattered across different portals or distributed via email.”

“Our sales reps are unable to tailor sales conversations to individual buyers, and it’s costing us deals.”

“We have no way to know what sales content is being presented by sales and whether or not it resonates with buyers.”

These are common challenges plaguing every organization, regardless of size, industry or geography. And while most companies today understand that deploying a sales enablement technology can help them resolve these critical issues and drive better business outcomes, in reality, relatively few companies are taking the leap. 

Today’s blog features the story of a company that has and the benefits they achieved.

The struggle to lead engaging sales conversations with relevant content

Dr Falk, an independent family pharmaceutical company, produces medicines that can be used to treat a variety of conditions. That flexibility is great in a product, but difficult to convey in a product brochure. The sales reps needed engaging sales content that would resonate with a range of specialists – which ultimately meant printing separate sales pieces for each sales engagement. And every time something changed, they all had to be reprinted. It wasn’t a workable solution. 

“Our challenge was: how do we make it easy for our salespeople to access the material they need to get the right message across. That’s why we looked to a digital solution,” explains Caroline Turnbull, Marketing Manager at Dr Falk. “Initially, we developed our own iOS-based digital platform, but every time iOS updated, we experienced lots of complications. So we started looking for a solution where we could load it up with all our resources – PDFs, clinical papers, slides, etc – and someone else would take care of the technical side. That’s when we came across Mediafly. It’s been a great solution for us because we get everything we want – it’s really easy to add resources, it’s simple for the salespeople to find what they need. And we don’t have to worry about the technical side at all. Mediafly handles all of that.”

Quick, easy, and inexpensive updates

Having up-to-date materials is always important, especially in a heavily regulated industry like pharmaceuticals. Before switching to a sales enablement platform, Dr Falk had to consistently update printed materials, which is expensive and not very environmentally-friendly. 

“Of course we still have to update the materials within Mediafly,” says Caroline, “but it’s so much quicker and simpler to change – and much less costly, since all we have to do is update the PDF and re-upload it. And if a sales piece isn’t working, we can just change it – we don’t have to worry that we have a warehouse full of brochures going to waste.”

More valuable sales conversations

One of the main ways Mediafly customers utilize our platform is to facilitate tailored sales conversations. Rather than running through a standard slide deck, for example, sales reps can pick and choose the most relevant items for the customer they’re with. That’s something Dr Falk’s salespeople have been making the most of.

“I think the main thing that the team finds useful is the way you can select just one item, say a cost chart, and share that with the customer without having to trek through the whole sales piece,” explains Caroline. “Our sellers can tailor it to fit wherever the conversation is going. Some of our salespeople understand the benefits of that more than others, so we’re working on our training program to help bring everyone up to the same level.”

“Another great tool is the HTML forms creator. In particular, with all the GDPR changes, it’s been useful to have customers fill in their information during a meeting, which we can then send back to our processing people to update their record. We can use this same function to enable customers to request literature, filtering through all our resources to pinpoint the most relevant materials for them – it’s a really flexible, simple feature that is making a big difference for us.”

“In reality, we use Mediafly as a platform; we just see it as part of the resources that the teams use now. It isn’t separated at all,” says Caroline. “We plan to keep on using Mediafly – and grow our usage – so that we’re really getting the most out of it and giving our customers the best possible experience.”

Solve Your Own Sales Engagement Challenges With Sales Enablement

Dr Pharma successfully addressed all of its unique challenges with a sales enablement platform and this is just a single use case. Read the 20 other case studies on our website, and you’ll quickly learn that deploying a sales enablement platform can solve a wide variety of sales challenges related to both efficiency and effectiveness. Still, we see a large majority of companies failing to support their sales teams with the technology required to be successful. And I suspect this is why – a formal RFP process or demo will tell you what the tool can do, but as a customer what you really want to know is ‘how will this work for my team?’ 

The reality is, it will work in different ways for different organizations. Speaking with our customers, we can see that some people use it primarily for sales presentations, some use it to store and share educational resources among salespeople, others use it to track the use of material to confirm salespeople are complying with regulations, while other organizations are using it to protect their brand messaging and encourage salespeople to only use approved materials. 

How could sales enablement work for you? What if you could skip the lengthy RFP process and the technical demos and find out? Would you take the leap? 

We know every company, regardless of size or maturity, needs sales enablement technology to compete in a digital economy, so we’re giving every company a chance to make that happen. We believe in the power of sales enablement and in making it more accessible to the companies that need it most. So we’re removing all of the barriers – the complexity, the high price tag, the risk. 

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you need a sales enablement solution or struggling to get the budget you need to move forward, try us out today and experience the many immediate benefits of sales enablement technology firsthand.

Josh Dhaliwal is VP Growth EMEA at Mediafly having joined the team following the 2019 Mediafly acquisition of iPresent. Core to his role is helping companies understand how they can use Sales Enablement to sell more, reduce sales cycles and increase cross-selling. Josh lives and works in Hampshire, UK and has 25 years of B2B sales experience.

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