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Ditch the Pitch with New Jumpstart Presentations Program

By Tom Pisello | October 15, 2020

One in three buyers admit to falling asleep and one in five buyers would rather go to the Dentist than sit through another boring sales presentation.

Large, liner presentation decks won’t work to capture and hold buyer’s attention and inspire buyers to take action, especially now in on-line virtual or hybrid meetings.

The key to digital and remote selling success is turning big, traditional presentation decks into interactive content – with dynamic animations, create your own journey navigation, personalized insights, and smaller digestible stories (vignettes).

Don’t be a Big Deck

When asked by Forrester, 74% of buyers say they want sellers to not present a canned pitch, but pivot presentations / meetings to discuss what the buyer wants to talk about.

So, how do you reimagine a big 400 page presentation deck to make it more engaging, usable and impactful? How do you elevate your traditional presentations to evolve from linear and static to what buyers want: dynamic and interactive?

With our new Jumpstart Presentation program, we combine advisory and creative services from me and the team with our customer engagement experience (CEx) / sales enablement platform, to replace your outdated presentation and provide your sellers with just what they need to connect, engage and inspire buyers to “Yes”.

The program delivers the reimagined interactive presentation and CEx sales enablement platform completely customized and delivered for within 3 weeks, all at no risk to you and your team.

The Jumpstart Presentation program starts with valuable advisory and creative services to help reimagine your presentation, converting the traditional linear deck into an interactive application. The services include:

  • Dumping the text heavy content in your current presentation and replacing the content with graphics and animations, key to grabbing and keeping buyer attention.
  • Dividing the big deck into little stories, we call these vignettes, that help a seller perform situational storytelling
  • Tying the vignettes together with “day in the life” graphics and story mapping, that will “appify” the presentation, turning a linear pitch into a hierarchical, self-guided story. Your sellers can leverage the graphics and mapped navigation to walk the buyer through typical challenges and solutions, clicking on each “day in the life” or solution element that is relevant, revealing insights, stories and recommendations for improvement. With hierarchical navigation, the seller can walk the buyer to design their own story, as the seller quickly pivots to the right visual storytelling content.

Driving Better CEx with Presentation + Workspace + Platform

To the interactive presentation, the Jumpstart Presentations program adds licensing to the Mediafly CEx sales enablement platform, providing the tools your sellers need to deliver the presentation and sell better in remote / hybrid meetings, including:

  • Personalized workspace – organizing the presentation, vignettes and sales content the seller needs, providing an easy portal to quickly find and pivot to just the right content
  • Content management – to help marketers organize and manage the sales content and presentation to manage versions, assure compliance and guide sellers to the right content for each customer engagement
  • Content sharing – to help sellers share the right content with the buyer and buying committee, making it easy to customize and share collections of presentations and other sales content for buyers, and track consumption and sharing.
  • Intelligence – understand exactly what content is being used, shared and consumed, and which content is making a positive impact on advancing and closing better deals.

If you want to advance your on-line and hybrid customer meetings with inspiring sales content, reach out so we can collaborate on what a reimagined presentation and CEx would look like for you.

Learn more about Jumpstart Presentations and get started today –

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