Conquering Sales Content Management for Consumer Packaged Goods

By Mediafly | January 9, 2024

With new products hitting the market every day, consumer goods brands must constantly find new ways to set themselves apart from the masses. And, in today’s digital world, dusty binders and outdated brochures just don’t cut it anymore. To stand out, CPG sellers must arm themselves with dynamic, personalized content tailored to their buyer. 

Are you ready to earn your brand the attention it deserves? Find out how a sales content management system can be your secret to winning the battle for eyeballs and cart space.

Keep It Simple: Make Sales Content Easy to Find

Content is a crucial component in taking your brands to market, but often the very act of finding sales content can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. For most sales teams, content is scattered across the organization, living in as many 8 different locations — which makes it nearly impossible to locate the right content at the right time.

Don’t let content chaos hold you back. Instead, give your sellers one place to look for sales content and create a single source of truth. Sales content management systems provide your team with a central location to look for sales content and trust that it’s on-brand, current, and compliant. Advanced systems can even help you go one step further, surfacing only the most relevant content for each rep based on their role, location and target accounts. Advanced systems can even  and organize it in a way that makes it easy for your sales team to find what they need. The hours they used to spend searching for content can now be devoted to more strategic and collaborative things, like strengthening relationships with customers. 

While, sales content management systems can simplify life for your your sales reps, they offer big benefits for brand and marketing teams as well. With just one repository to update, not only can these teams improve the quality and speed of content production, but they have greater governance over the content being used in the field. Great governance means greater agility and enables them to respond to trends quickly with updated collateral without having to worry about old collateral still being used.

Empower Reps to Engage Buyers

Sales reps have the tough task of not only catching a buyer’s attention, but keeping it. It’s not enough to simply distribute the right content to customers, they must deliver content in a way that compels customers to commit and eliminates any friction in the purchase process. Not only does a sales content management help sellers more easily find sales content, but it empowers them to present and share it in a way that will wow.

Equip your sales reps to stand out with immersive and dynamic content experiences that engage buyers, showcase the value of your products and guide them toward purchase. With a sales content management system, your sellers become confident brand champions and ensure your brand and content come to life. Help your sellers tell full, personalized and data-backed stories that resonate with each retailer. 

Personalization at Scale

In a space as highly competitive as CPG, generic materials fall flat. Today’s buyers are smart and savvy. But with multiple product lines, thousands of SKUs and multiple retail segments, personalization can be daunting — not to mention time consuming! 

The team at Trinchero Family Estates, felt this firsthand. Their sellers were spending an estimated 40 to 60 hours a month finding, customizing and localizing content. Similarly, nearly half (46%) of the respondents in our State of Revenue Enablement Report reported that sellers were spending too much time creating or personalizing content.

So how can you strike that elusive balance? Cut back on the time your teams spend tailoring content by arming them with approved collateral that’s easy to personalize. Empower your sales reps with dynamic recommendations on what to share and how to promote products using data sources that demonstrate real value rather than simply providing a surface-level pitch.

Measure, Refine, Dominate

Effective content must be adaptable. But how can you adapt if you have no way to measure the impact, reception, or overall success of your content? How do you determine if the materials you spent hours curating are driving sales or merely collecting digital dust?

This is where data-driven content becomes an unstoppable force. By tracking interactions with your content, you can gather insightful analytics about what resonates and what flops, allowing sales and marketing teams to collaboratively tailor their strategies for maximum impact.

Does your organization rinse and reuse the same content strategy each year until it stops being effective? With content analytics on your side, you can hone in on what works, investing more in the content you know is working while freeing up teams to experiment new approaches. 

To learn more about how Mediafly helps CPG companies conquer sales content chaos to drive growth, visit our CPG solutions page.


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