Built In Just Named Mediafly One of the Best Places to Work (And We’re Hiring!)

By Jodi Cachey | January 18, 2021

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Built In included Mediafly in its round-up of the Best Places to Work in Chicago in 2021. Mediafly ranks #60 on the company’s Best Midsize Places to Work list.

Last year, COVID-19 forced us all to slow down. We read more books, binge-watched more TV shows (Schitt’s Creek, anyone?), and made a lot more bread. Many of us also spent a considerable amount of time re-evaluating our lives. 

In the last year, we’ve become more intentional about how we spend our time and with whom. We’ve re-prioritized our health and wellness. And many of us have reassessed what we want out of our careers. As a result, a new study reveals 64% of today’s workforce is currently looking for new jobs. 

The Best Places to Work Aren’t What They Used to Be

It seems that experiencing a worldwide pandemic, rapid digital acceleration, a climate crisis, a tough election year, and a rallying cry for racial justice all at the same time has evolved our ideas about how and where we work and what we expect from our employers. (I know, who’d have guessed. Right?)

Fortunately, many of today’s companies are taking notice of employees’ shifting expectations, re-examining existing company policies and practices, and implementing the necessary changes to keep and attract top talent. They’re also using their resources and brand reach to impact the political, economic, socio-cultural, and environmental causes their employees care about. While this is something most corporations have shied away from in the past, today it is rapidly transforming what it means to be a “Best Place to Work”.

Case in point: Built In factored this shift into the evaluation criteria for its 2021 Best Places to Work list released this month.

“We’re thrilled to congratulate our 2021 winners,” said Sheridan Orr, Chief Marketing Officer, Built In. “And this year was special. Being an employer of choice in tech is not static but ever evolving. Today, tech professionals are rethinking what they want from employers. We’re responding — and so are employers of choice. In this year’s algorithm, we added weight to cultural aspects like remote opportunities and a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion — all factors that tech professionals are searching for more often.”

Mediafly is one of the Best Places to Work in Chicago

Built in ranks companies across the nation based on their ability to foster “meaningful employee experiences through cultural programs and benefits.” Mediafly sits at #60 on this year’s list of midsize companies in Chicago. And while we’ve ranked on a number of Best Places to Work lists over the years, this year’s honor feels particularly special. 

“2020 was a disruptive year for workplaces in general,” said John Evarts, President and COO of Mediafly. “But I believe we’re coming out of it with a much better understanding of the needs of our team.” 

“We’ve always tried to keep our finger on the pulse of what our employees need and expect, and this year was no exception. We may have had to get a bit more creative, but even in this remote environment, I am proud of the culture we have crafted in partnership with each of our amazing employees.”

How Mediafly is Creating a Culture that Makes it one of the Best Places to Work

In 2020, as the world shifted to a remote work and digital selling model, Mediafly offices from Chicago to the UK were forced to shut their doors. Without the free snacks, ping pong tables, and office holiday parties that have always contributed to the fun and collaborative atmosphere at Mediafly, we had to rethink how to keep employees engaged, motivated, and safe. 

Since March, employees have been encouraged to work flexible schedules that afford us the time we need to tend to other priorities including our families, health, and overall wellbeing. Nobody has been required to return to the office, nor will they be for the foreseeable future. 

Cloth masks with our company logo were mailed to everyone’s homes last spring, and gingerbread houses were delivered in the winter. We decorated them with the family members that have been popping in and out of our Zoom meetings for the last ten months during our company-wide virtual holiday party.

Election Day was made a paid holiday as US employees were encouraged to get out and make their vote count. We started having more candid conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion, and politics with dedicated Slack channels established to facilitate meaningful and constructive conversations about difficult issues. We also added new practices to our recruiting processes to ensure we are hiring from the most diverse and qualified pool of candidates. 

Thriving in Our “Next Normal”

Despite the unusual and uncertain circumstances, across the company, we worked really hard to keep both our culture and growth trajectory intact. And our efforts paid off. In addition to being named a Best Place to Work, over the past year, Mediafly acquired Presentify, a UK-based visual communications provider, to expand our product portfolio with new capabilities for digital selling, experienced two back-to-back record-breaking quarters, onboarded new top talent including Chief Customer Officer Andrew Miehl, and expanded our hiring efforts. 

If you’re looking to start or continue your career at a growing company that values work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, philanthropy, and the health and safety of its employees, visit our Careers page to apply for one of our open positions. 

Jodi Cachey is the Vice President of Content Strategy & Growth Marketing at Mediafly, where she is responsible for the strategy and execution of all content marketing initiatives to drive traffic, demand, and growth. With over a decade of experience in the tech space, her previous roles include sales, business development, sales enablement, and product marketing. Jodi attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies.

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