The Value Gap: How Poor Sales Enablement Practices Degrade Your Brand Perception (and how to digitally transform your business to amplify it instead)

It’s no secret that sellers who succeed in today’s economy excel at communicating and quantifying the unique value their product or service will have on their buyer’s business. They engage differently with conversations that go beyond outlining the features and capabilities of their offering.

But while many companies understand they need to move to a more value-centric approach, a lack of the right content, tools and enablement often hinders their ability to effectively articulate that value to buyers. Because of this, the buyer hangs up on price, perceives the product to be much less valuable than it really is and worse, sales are stalled at “do nothing”. We call this the Value Gap.

Why does this happen, and how do you fix it?

In this session, we’ll review:

  • Why buyers may perceive your product and company to be less valuable than it actually is
  • How to progressively adopt technology, tools and coaching for digital sales transformation
  • Real-life success stories of companies that have adopted value selling and sales enablement to evolve buyer engagement

How to Digitally Transform Your Business to Amplify It