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Sales Readiness: Making the case for just-in-time learning

How do you ensure your sellers are trained and ready to achieve their sales quotas?

If you take the traditional route to sales training, you’re spending at least two weeks onboarding new reps with ineffective, classroom-style training featuring product demos, paper-based collateral, and impersonal sales scripts. This approach to sales training is often deemed “just-in-case” learning – cramming as much market, company, and product knowledge into sellers’ heads as possible upfront and hoping they can recall the information later on in live sales scenarios. Companies who adopt this approach often find their sellers fall short of expectations. Why?

Today’s buyers expect more than generic sales presentations that prioritize product features and functionality over their unique challenges or company goals. They want personalized sales interactions that effectively quantify the value your solution will bring to their businesses. Reps who haven’t been coached to uncover unique buyer challenges and effectively communicate your business value will fall flat.

Sales Readiness, a shift from “just-in-case” to “just-in-time” learning, ensures your sellers are equipped to lead value-based conversations throughout the sales process that successfully address buyer challenges, differentiate your company and products, and compel buyers to say “yes!”.

In this session, we’ll review:

  • The benefits of eliminating lengthy training modules and deep-dive boot camps in favor of a more proactive, agile sales readiness systems for continuous improvement
  • How to align sellers with the tools and information they need to sell efficiently and effectively in real-time while addressing buyer challenges
  • How to get reps “sales-ready” with the confidence, capabilities, and credibility they need to have more valuable conversations and improve win rates
  • How implementing a sales enablement technology with sales readiness capabilities can help continuously optimize your sales org for success

Making the Case for Just-In-Time Learning