Increase Field Sales Effectiveness Through Advanced Selling with CRM

Using the right sales content application with CRM elevates rep performance in the field, by providing them with the right content at the right time, with an AI-powered platform. Advanced field sales, combining next generation CRM with smart sales content, optimizes the business process with increased user productivity using automation and insights, while empowering the sales rep with interactive presentation tools and the ability to quantify ROI for buyers.

In the back office, sales and marketing gain visibility into field insights such as what content to show buyers at the right time, what content performs well, and what the next best action is based on the performance of the content.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how effectively integrating your field sales CRM with smart content ensures both management and individual sellers see the maximum benefit, drives user adoption, and increases your return on investment.

In this session, Tony Kavadas, EVP of Global Alliances at Mediafly, and Sebastine Augustine, VP of Product Management, Sales Cloud Retail Execution at SAP, will explain how to:

  • Diagnose your buyers’ needs with data to increase sales effectiveness
  • Quantify the value of your solution with content that resonates
  • Measure sales and marketing effectiveness for improved alignment

Increase Field Sales Effectiveness