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How to Transform Your Spreadsheets into Best-in-Class Value Selling Tools

Did you know 58% of buyers today walk away from deal cycles empty-handed?

If they can’t financially justify a purchase, they do nothing. To address this challenge, many organizations have developed spreadsheet-based ROI or TCO tools to help financially justify their solutions to frugal buyers. But while these tools may meet the requirement to deliver formal business case justification, they aren’t the ideal platform to efficiently support and effectively scale your value marketing and selling efforts.

Join our webinar to learn how you can evolve your existing business value spreadsheets to create compelling, interactive value selling tools that will help you improve adoption and scale your value efforts. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • The seven deadly sins of spreadsheet-based ROI / TCO tools
  • How your spreadsheets can be directly leveraged to create interactive value marketing and selling tools
  • How to more effectively combine value messaging and storytelling with financial justification
  • How to integrate your value efforts with CRM and marketing automation to gather significant customer intelligence and prove the impact of your programs
  • How to drive improved customer, sales rep, and channel partner usage and adoption

How to Transform Your Spreadsheets into Best-in-Class Value Selling Tools

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