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Digital Selling: Ditch the Pitch and Create an Interactive Experience


With remote meetings now the norm, sellers who relied on traditional presentations before are even more challenged with meeting success today. Effective remote selling requires a much different approach, one that reimagines traditional content and provides coaching for sellers beyond the usual product trainings.

So what can you do to better enable your sellers to boost their remote selling capabilities and make their next virtual meeting even more valuable for buyers?

In this virtual Meet-Up event, Nathan Jackson, Clive Miller, and Peter O’Neill will be interviewed by Tom Pisello on their top tips to enable your sales team to succeed in the age of digital selling. They’ll tackle the importance of visual storytelling and interactive presentations, provide tangible ways to move from product-focused to outcome-based selling, and demonstrate why the time is now to make this important shift.

Let’s Ditch the Pitch and Create an Interactive Experience