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Satellite vs. Digital for Business TV (BTV)

By Sarah Senne | July 7, 2010

For the past 15 years, one of the best ways for companies to communicate with tens of thousands of employees and partners was with a dedicated satellite channel. This has spawned an industry called Business Television (BTV).

Satellite Business Television networks have several critical drawbacks:

  1. Satellite channels are expensive – ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year.
  2. The viewers all had to sign up for the same satellite network.
  3. It is difficult to reach a worldwide audience with a single satellite provider.
  4. Satellite BTV channels deliver the same time-slotted channel to all, with no on-demand flexibility.
  5. The audience is increasingly mobile – requiring a separate mobile communication method.

A Better BTV solution is now available: Mediafly

This first-of-its-kind Internet media service redefines video broadcasting by allowing large companies  to have  the benefits of private satellite channels, without the downsides… and with an integrated mobile solution.  The Mediafly value proposition is simple: greater functionality at a lower cost.

RE/MAX International has been a consistent BTV pioneer.  This has allowed RE/MAX to maintain a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. Most recently, RE/MAX International is one of the leading companies to fully replace their satellite BTV service with the Mediafly service.  RE/MAX Chairman & Co-Founder, David Liniger, had this to say about the transition: ““This educational advancement will revolutionize the way organizations train their employees,” said Dave Liniger, RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder.” (Read more about how RE/MAX uses Mediafly.)

Mediafly is the only company to offer an effective multimedia platform which delivers private, secure Business TV with the high-quality consumer media experience that people demand on their desktops, as well as smartphones and Internet TV devices like Roku, which are becoming part of our rapidly expanding ‘digital lifestyles’.  Mediafly stays on top of the latest technology trends so that companies can focus on their core businesses.

Contact Mediafly today to increase engagement with your employees, partners and customers and reduce costs compared to traditional communication methods.

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