Mediafly Introduces Iris, First Generative AI for Revenue Enablement

By Lindsey Tishgart | May 10, 2023

Building upon Mediafly’s real-time insights and action engine, Iris will help revenue teams harness the power of GPT throughout the customer journey.

CHICAGO, IL – May 10, 2023 – Mediafly, a leading provider of revenue enablement solutions, today announced Iris, a new set of generative AI capabilities integrated across the company’s Revenue360 platform. Mediafly is the first revenue enablement vendor to incorporate GPT, helping revenue teams deliver high-quality, personalized interactions at scale through AI-generated content, personalization, enrichment, next best actions, coaching and virtual assistants. 

“Watching a generative AI tool such as ChatGPT provide accurate responses to questions, generate blogs from a couple bullets, and do things like pass the Wharton MBA exam gets salespeople dreaming about what they can do with a tool like this.” – Forrester Principal Analysts Seth Marrs and Anthony McPartlin writing in a March 2023 Forrester Blog Post

Iris leverages Mediafly’s proprietary insights and actions engine alongside OpenAI’s GPT platform. Because the platform is already aware of all activity and engagement data, users can get real-time updates and content recommendations that up-level every buyer-seller interaction. 

Example use cases include: 

Incorporating these next generation capabilities will enable sales leaders to scale successful behaviors across the entire GTM team increasing rep participation and accelerating growth. 

“Every company’s sales process is unique. Mediafly’s breadth of platform, combined with its flexible data pipeline means customers can apply generative AI to any sales process, regardless of whether it’s MEDDPICC, BANT, ValueSelling or a custom methodology,”said Lindsey Tishgart, CMO, Mediafly. “This is an absolute game-changer for all types of revenue teams. One that will not just deliver efficiency gains, but will also improve skills, boost sales process effectiveness, and most importantly, enable organizations to deliver better buyer experiences – all of which leads to more confident purchasing decisions.”

Iris is embedded across Mediafly’s revenue enablement platform, making generative AI accessible to marketers, sellers and customer success teams, as well as the managers and executives who coach them. 

Everyone involved in driving revenue can benefit from Iris, which features:  

Mediafly Iris will be available on limited release. To sign up, visit and to learn more about how Revenue teams will benefit from generative AI, register here for our roundtable discussion with Mary Shea, co-CEO of Mediafly, Jason Shah, CTO of Mediafly and our guests, leading AI experts Seth Marrs, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Lisa Palmer, Chief AI Strategist at AI Leaders.


About Mediafly:

Mediafly is the revenue enablement company market-facing teams rely on to plan, predict, coach, and engage at the highest levels. Our integrated platform empowers sellers to lead with value, managers to coach at scale, leaders to forecast with confidence — and buyers to interact through personalized, content experiences. In today’s complex, unpredictable market, top revenue teams worldwide, including PepsiCo, Nestle, Databricks, Honeywell, and Sealed Air, turn to Mediafly to accelerate pipeline growth and close more deals faster. To learn more, visit

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