CES 2012: Sell Better with Mediafly

By Lindsey Tishgart | October 24, 2011

A look at the ChannelRows navigation model

Are you attending the 2012 International CES?

Last year, more than 140,000 people attended the Consumer Electronics Show. With more than 2,000 vendors clamoring for their attention, how can you rise above the noise, and get your message through to your inundated audience?

Mediafly can help.  We make beautiful multimedia apps for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones, Roku and Boxee, that are instantly updated and immediately available no matter what connected device your audience might be using.  Business can even stream live video straight from their booths to extend the CES experience to consumers globally.

Imagine walking into a meeting with your customer with just your beautiful iPad or Android tablet and launching your company’s app.  You walk through your presentations and mix in video, audio and pictures.  When you are done, simply leave behind the presentation in the form of a secure app on your customer’s devices.  No more hauling printed material, no more boring presentations.

With the average CES visitor spending less than two minutes at each exhibit, you need a way to connect to your audience – something that both captivates them during their CES visit, and extends their experience of your company far beyond the week in Las Vegas.

Mediafly Broadcaster makes it simple. Load all of your content – promotional and live streaming video, audio, PDFs, images, and more – into our system. They are instantly available with your company’s branding. Within just weeks, your app is available through the Android Market, Apple App Store, or even set-top boxes like Roku and Boxee.  More importantly, Mediafly Broadcaster extends your audience’s experience with your company far beyond the week in Las Vegas.

USD$1,000 per month can get you started today.

For our CES customers, there is more!  If you pay for a year of service up-front ($12,000), we will promote your app on Mediafly OnAir, our public podcast site that is used by over 2 million users, for free!

Hurry, because this offer expires November 30, 2011!

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