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We’ve Come a Long Way Baby: Value Selling and Realization: With Shimon Abouzaglo

By Tom Pisello | March 3, 2021

When I interviewed Shimon Abouzaglo, founder of the Value Selling & Realization Council, an organization dedicated to the practice and practitioners of value, we had a great discussion about where we are today regarding business value assessment and realized ROI practices, how far the practice has come and how much more needs to be done. He had a wealth of knowledge to share. Here are a few takeaways…

“As you know well, in the past, success used to be defined and celebrated when the software that was installed was simply working.

Today we are taking that for granted. But today in the cloud and SAAS world there is a lot of pressure on renewals. As you know, and it represents a substantial part of revenue. Number two is that customer satisfaction is a very fleeting matter. So, showing that the value promised and sales cycles actually delivered is ensuring long-term relationships which translate into renewals. And it’s not predicated on a fleeting satisfaction. It’s ‘We delivered value. You have it. It’s recorded. We can continue this relationship.’

The third element I thought about… We at the value council see more and more customers demanding value from the CEO’s of tech vendors. Most recently there was a beautiful study done by Sales Mastery…and the number one sales enablement survey item on that initiative was optimize value messaging. This was the top priority. That is another example of how value is now coming front and center for buyers and vendors alike.

I think the technology industry has suffered so many losses of people and their positions in so many financial losses And business losses from poor implementations In the old days (of two decades ago) That they are still in the mode of ‘Let’s just do this implementation as quickly as possible.The speed of the implementation will actually bring the value on board’ and that It’s just not accurate because value needs to be baked into the premise (the discovery) and into the Implementation methods.

It’s designing the business Processes along with the KPI that will measure the improvement. There is a lack of knowledge of how to go about value…Rushing into implementation takes so much of that value off the table. As opposed to doing it right the first time and establishing buying criteria and buying process in advance.”

Check out the full episode here!

Value is where it’s at, peeps!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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