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The Democratization of Sales Enablement…

By Tom Pisello | December 3, 2020

In this interview with Dan Cilley, we discussed the sales tech landscape, RFP and selection process and ways to optimize sales enablement success.

Often, buyers and sellers are faced with “Over choice”. Dan shared how his company, Vendor Neutral, addressed this by creating the “Certified 100”.

“We wanted to take that 600 plus landscape and provide a resource that was gonna be simpler and be almost a benefit to the buying community, rather than an obstacle to success, so that’s why we created the certified 100 landscape. And I’ve got to tell you…the 600{solutions} is strictly sales tech… a lot of people ask me ‘Do you consider CRM sales technology?’ And actually, we do NOT. We consider that most of the tech landscape that you see is beyond CRM.”

“We follow our framework to speed this process up with our clients. It’s called the stack framework. It starts off with stakeholder analysis. It’s a very clear understanding of who’s involved, what technology they have in their siloed departments or reserves, and what data is impacting that. And then follows a series of steps that then takes an organization through an understanding of their own technology, and also an understanding of their capability to use the new technology that’s coming available. ‘Cause very often not, they don’t have the marketing, they don’t have the resources, they don’t have the staff trained effectively to meet the requirements of the resources. So very often, they need to develop those components as well.”

Listen to the full episode here!

Sometimes, less is more, people! Choose wisely….

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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