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Sales Enablement Lessons Learned: Agility and Outcomes

By Tom Pisello | December 4, 2020

Paul Liberatore is the Director of Sales Enablement for Tricentis, and a practitioner and consultant in the space for 30+ years. He knows a thing or two, often tapped as the go-to guy to create sales enablement programs from scratch.

I was so pleased when he agreed to join me for an interview. We talked about his take on sales enablement, lessons learned from his best successes and challenging failures, and the best way to navigate your sales enablement practice through tough times.

He had a lot of wonderful insight into what Sales enablement is and should be…

“For me, sales enablement is really looking at the people, process, and tools that go into the revenue generating part of the organization, and so that’s kind of a holistic and processed view of it. But I think that’s what gives companies the edge, is when they look at all of those things combined.”

“I’m not too worried about the job I do, and by that I mean improving the revenue generating organizations performance. I think that’s always gonna be important. And, I think when you’re focused on, narrowly, on some definition of ‘enablement’, or you’re not able to show the metrics that tie it back to the business outcomes that, I think, is where you get into trouble. So, to me, I’ve always (and I think it’s that instructional design background) I’ve always strived to show results from a business perspective. And tie those back to what the company is trying to accomplish overall. And I think if you are able to do that, then it doesn’t matter whether it’s called enablement, or sales training, or revenue enablement…”

Check out the full episode here!

See? Enablement doesn’t have to be a bad thing, people!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time!

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