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Reaching and Engaging Customers in a Distanced Selling Environment w/ Colleen Francis (Engage Selling Solutions)

By Tom Pisello | February 24, 2021

Cold calling is dead, this according to Colleen Francis, a #1 LinkedIn Sales Influencer, renowned author and sales consultant. In this interview, we explored just how much prospecting has changed post-crisis, and what your sellers need to do in order to have better reach-outs, engagements and performance.

She had so much to share. Here are a few take-aways

“One thing that we’ve found through this is that sellers who have actually increased the points of communication with their clients have succeeded. So, they’re in front of them more often, they’re talking to them about what’s going on, they’re ensuring that everyone is safe and healthy, and they’re working with them on issues that they can help with.

From a prospecting perspective, one of the things that I’m known for on linked in (which causes great and fun controversy) is my belief that cold calling is dead…

Business owners, business people, don’t want to talk to strangers and so, well, the calling isn’t dead, but the cold part is. So, we need to warm up those leads. Well, now, we’re finding that this is doubly true. Because not only do people not want to talk to strangers…the people who ARE working re doubled down with two or three jobs, because, you know, people have been furloughed, laid off, or they can’t get workers. There’s a huge risk- People don’t want to change because they’re just trying to hunker down and get the work done, so if you don’t have skills to warm up your prospecting or tools, then you’re not gonna get in the door.“

“I think the most important piece of advice now is to embrace change. Maybe that sounds a bit cliché, but I honestly believe we have come out of this period of economic growth which has caused us to be complacent. It’s been really easy for business people, sales people, and entrepreneurs over the last 8-10 years to just keep doing the same thing over and over again and be incredibly opportunistic, but not innovative. And I think that over the next three years we have to flip that on its head… We have to be way more innovative.”

Check out the full episode here:

Stranger Danger is real, peeps! Stay warm, and keep your prospects close.

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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