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On-Demand: Are you Struggling to Forecast and Hit Your Revenue Targets? You Are Not Alone

By Tom Pisello | November 4, 2021

Leveraging activity, content, value and intent data and revenue intelligence to evolve forecasting and boost sales productivity, predictability and performance

When surveyed, most organizations admit to just how much their forecasting ability falls short, despite how much effort is put into it.

In fact, according to Forrester Consulting and LinkedIn research:

We had the chance to interview Mary Shea PhD, VP Global Innovation Evangelist for sales engagement leader Outreach and ex-Forrester Principal Analyst and Carson Conant, Founder and CEO of sales enablement firm Mediafly to discuss these results, and explore potential ways to evolve from voodoo forecasting, to revenue intelligence.

Checkout the on-demand webinar here –

Checkout an excerpt here from Mary Shea PhD –

Checkout the slides here –

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