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Future-Proof Your Selling in Uncertain Times? w/ Steven Norman of Growth Acumen

By Tom Pisello | March 2, 2021

Where are sellers and sales leaders falling short today, and what are the new skills you need to thrive and accelerate into 2021?

In this interview with author, podcaster and B2B sales consultant Steven Norman, we discussed seven steps you can use today to transform sales team performance and build a bulletproof sales machine. He had a lot to share. Here are a few memorable quotes…

On the importance of learning new things:

“I remember a little while ago I started studying chess And I haven’t been into chess before, and I found that from studying that I learned a lot about strategy. You learned a lot about preparing things Before you attack. Before you launch and so forth You just never know what you get from studying something different. And it can add to your core strength or your field. The field that you’re in.”

“I guess I see a lot of sales leaders. They rely too heavily on the individuals in their team. And the individual abilities. That’s very variable. And if you don’t have a proper company sales process… Like I want to have both right I wanna have a strong Company sales process that fits our business that fits our customers I want to be clear on what my pipeline levels are. You know, for something to be at 10% you have to identify budget or you have to know who the players are to be 25%.

It’s this sort of list of criteria and we all talk the same language. But we give the salespeople some freedom to go from stage to stage you know a little bit in their own style but There’s some certain checkpoints, right? That we want to have.

And this is what champion teams have like even the best. Like the New England Patriots in America or say Barcelona in the soccer world They have a fantastic structure and system But they also have great players. And they attract great players. And those players can flourish in the system. So that’s how I want us to think about our sales organization. You don’t leave it up to chance. And I don’t want my salespeople to be a black box to me. I wanna know how they’re going about it…I want to have those checkpoints in place.”

Listen to the full episode here!

‘Tis never too late to learn something new! Keep studying and evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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