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From Value Tools to Driving Value into Everything We Do: w/ Nic Bishara (Director Sales Operations at Objective Corporation)

By Tom Pisello | September 24, 2021

Not only did this value team figure out how to most effectively propose business value improvements to it’s public sector prospects, it managed to weave value across the customer lifecycle and into their solutions and purpose.

In this interview with Nick Bishara, the Director Sales Operations at Objective Corporation, he and Tom Pisello discussed how he and his team first developed and delivered a set of value tools, and over the next four years leveraged this success, expanding the program across the organization to a comprehensive value acceleration program.

Here are a few of Nic’s thoughts from the conversation…

“Government agencies aren’t always focused on ‘how much money I can save?’, or even how many headcount I can reduce, and in fact, in some markets, headcount reduction might even mean that that individual doesn’t have that role any longer. And so, what we started to do, when we collaborated initially Tom, on the importance of bringing to the table that industry benchmark and real-world examples. So those two things wrap around the ROI cup or the dollar value and sense cup. And if you can go to an agency and say ‘you know, people just like you and agencies just like you have encountered these benefits from taking these actions, and by the way, here are some real world examples of what they’ve done and the benefits they’ve achieved.’, those two things add credibility to any form of calculation that you might put in front of them.

It’s interesting… we, in some of the… and some of the products and markets we compete in, we have somewhat of a market advantage. Market dominance in that geography. So, I guess in those instances it very much goes down the path of ‘how much more can I do with the same that I’ve got?’ However, in other markets, like everyone else, we have significant competition. We go down the same route where we have outbound proposals, we do all the same things trying to add value to customers and so on… So, if we’ve got a history of this customer community can testify to the advantages and benefits that have been achieved, then that’s a better reference than a customer who is saying ‘Gee that was a great implementation. ‘“

Check out the full episode here!

Value is KEY, peeps… In everything we do!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time!

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