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EVOLVERs Spotlight: HPE HPC Business Value Calculator

By Tom Pisello | November 6, 2020

HP Enterprise high performance computing (HPC) is leveraged by enterprises to implement heavy compute driven workloads to deliver insights and power AI applications.

A new family of Apollo systems can help deliver this supercomputing to more organizations, but in order to be successful in this endeavour, HPE had to educate prospects on the business value benefits and consolidation savings potential compared to required investments.

Mediafly collaborated with HPE to deliver a business value calculator, available self-service to easily communicate and quantify business value improvements. The tool helps the user easily compare different compute environments to determine potential total cost of ownership (TCO) savings and potential business benefits (improved productivity, reduced risk and business growth).

The tool is used to fuel outreach campaigns, improve business value engagements and inspire change.

Checkout the tool for yourself:

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