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Content is King, Engagement is Queen (EVOLVE 2021 Spring w/ Laura Ramos – Forrester)

By Tom Pisello | April 22, 2021


What content do buyers need to help make faster, better decisions?

As a seller and marketer, what can I do to develop and deliver this content to best effect?

We kicked off our EVOLVE 2021 Spring event with an interview of Laura Ramos, currently a VP and Principal Analyst at research firm Forrester, where she answered these questions, leveraging brand new research on buyer content needs and potential engagement pitfalls you can avoid.

Laura indicated that buyer content preferences have evolved post-pandemic:

Unfortunately, sellers and marketers are not always delivering to these new preferences and needs. Laura discussed new Forrester research that points to a significant content-engagement gap, with 62% of buyers indicating that vendor content fails to demonstrate how solutions will help them.

Checkout the research and the key role Laura believes that marketing and sales enablement can play in closing the content engagement gap.

Checkout the slides here

Checkout the on-demand session here

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