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Limited seats available!
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Tuesday, September 29th

Wednesday, September 30th

Welcome to Evolve 2020!


carson-conant Carson Conant, CEO, Mediafly

Digital Selling: Ditch the Pitch and Create a Better Customer Experience

The scramble to shift to digital selling was rapid, but it’s here to stay. In a post-COVID world, 80% of B2B sales will be digital and remote, with in-person sales meetings predicted to become the exception rather than the norm.

Join our opening keynote with Forrester Principal Analyst, Mary Shea, as she and Mediafy’s Chief Evangelist, Tom Pisello, discuss the lasting implications of the crisis on sales strategy—including the necessity for digital tools, the removal of traditional seller hierarchies, and the need for organization-wide efforts to support revenue goals—and how your organization can uplevel to stay ahead of the competition.


Host: Tom Pisello, Chief Evangelist, Mediafly
Mary Shea, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Don’t Waste a Crisis: The Time is Now For Your Digital Sales Transformation

Sales reps can no longer meet with buyers face-to-face, but that doesn’t mean sales engagements have to be any less effective. Mediafly’s Chief Customer Officer, Andrew Miehl, will interview two guest speakers about best practices that set up sales teams for success in this new era of virtual selling.


Host: Andrew Miehl, Chief Customer Officer, Mediafly
Eric Spenske, VP of Marketing, Givaudan
Maggie Farnik, North American Sales Trainer, Guerbet

How to Communicate and Quantify Your Unique Value Story Program

With the current economic conditions, it’s no secret that prospects need to prove the financial justification of your solution to their executives more than ever if it is going to lead to purchase.   But how do you start a value selling program that enables your sales team to have those quantitative conversations, let alone scale one across your organization? Join Mediafly’s Chief Evangelist, Tom Pisello, as he interviews two guest speakers about how embracing value selling changed the way they do business (and was easier to adopt than you may think).


Host: Tom Pisello, Chief Evangelist, Mediafly
Latane Conant, Chief Marketing Officer, 6sense
Nathan Jackson, Managing Director, Presentify

Make Your Content Work Harder: Leverage Sales Content Intelligence to Drive Predictable Sales

Marketing teams invest a lot of time and money in content creation yet seldom do they have line of sight into content impact on revenue generation. Join Tom Pisello, Mediafly’s Chief Evangelist, as he interviews Flyers including our CMO, Isabelle Papoulias, our Sales Enablement Director, Elise Oldenburg, and our VP of Sales, Dustin Zweck, about the undeniable value to our business that has come from understanding the impact of our content  at every stage of the buyer’s journey.


Host: Tom Pisello, Chief Evangelist, Mediafly
 Isabelle Papoulias, Chief Marketing Officer, Mediafly
Elise Oldenburg, Sales Enablement Director, Mediafly
Dustin Zweck, VP of Sales, Mediafly

Mediafly Product Roadmap: Product Enhancements for Your Evolved Selling Journey

Join Mediafly’s product leaders, Jason Shah and Chris Tran, for a recap of our newest game changing releases and a sneak peek into what’s coming your way over the next year!


Jason Shah, Chief Technology Officer, Mediafly
 Chris Tran, Director of Product Management, Mediafly

JumpStart ROI: Scale Your Value Selling Faster than Ever Before

Your customers and prospects have instantly moved from growth to cost-cutting mode. As a result, your team will face pressure on every renewal, expansion, and new customer proposal. What is the key to succeeding in this new environment? Arm your prospect and customer champions with the financial justification needed to convince frugal stakeholders that your proposal should be a top priority. Join this session, led by Mediafly’s VP of ValueStory Sales, Dan Sixsmith, to learn how two guest speakers utilize Mediafly’s JumpStart ROI to get their sales teams ramped and ready to begin value selling in less than 3 weeks.


Dan Sixsmith, Sales Director, Mediafly
Michael Ketchmere, Head of Business Value Consulting, Xactly

No More Static Content: Engage Your Customer with Stunning Sales Presentations

At a time when one in five people would rather go to the dentist than sit through another sales presentation, if your sales reps aren’t reimagining their approach to a traditional sales deck, they’re going to have more difficulty than ever in a remote selling environment. In this session, Mediafly’s Chief Evangelist, Tom Pisello, will be joined by Mediafly’s CMO, Isabelle Papoulias and other industry experts to share just how easy it is to create stunning presentations that will not only keep your buyers from tuning out, but “wow” them with the art of the possible.


Host: Tom Pisello, Chief Evangelist, Mediafly
Lisa Feiler, Sales Enablement, Givaudan
Greg Bell, Head of Product Marketing, 6sense

Evolved Selling Awards

Join us for an award ceremony recognizing customers who have achieved superior ROI with Mediafly. The winners will be announced live!


Andrew Miehl, Chief Customer Officer, Mediafly

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