Decrease Seller Ramp Time With a Sales Content Management Platform

By Mediafly | April 9, 2024

The onboarding process is a make or break moment for new sales reps. It can either propel them toward their first close and many more successful deals to come or create roadblocks and inefficiencies that hinder the growth of both the seller and your business. Not to mention, traditional onboarding methods often require a hefty investment of your time and money (training hours and travel costs), and letting that investment go to waste can be a major setback.

In the world of B2B sales, time is money, especially when it comes to onboarding your reps. The sooner new sellers get up to speed, the sooner they can start closing deals, so we should all be looking for ways to decrease the time it takes for them to stand on their own.

One way to fast track your sellers on the road to success is to use a sales content management platform to help improve the onboarding process. 

How a Sales Content Management Platform Makes Onboarding Easier

A sales content management platform is a system that stores and organizes all your marketing materials in one centralized knowledge hub, making it an indispensable tool for new sellers looking to familiarize themselves with the resources available to them. The content in the system is searchable, so reps can find the answers to all their burning questions quickly and easily without needing to wait on responses from anyone else. This allows sellers to be more independent and confident from day one, drawing reliable information from a single source of truth all by themselves!

And speaking of independence, a sales content management platform also enables new hires to progress at whatever pace fits them best. Rather than wasting an hour retracing information they already understand in a training session, they will be free to spend more time on the things that might take a little longer to comprehend while speeding through the pieces they have down pat.

In fact, why not say goodbye to fully in-person training when it’s not necessary? With a sales content management platform, you can eliminate the need for in-person sessions and make onboarding a more efficient process for everyone involved while still providing new sellers access to the same content. Since all new reps will pull materials from the centralized repository, you can rest assured knowing they will be using updated content that is consistent with the current marketing strategies.

Sellers joining a new company often face the challenge of overcoming the learning curve as well. Usually, it takes time to catch up and gain a full understanding of the messaging, especially when they’re greeted with an overwhelming amount of unstructured content. However, a sales content management platform can speed up that process immensely by instead providing access to searchable content that is organized to make their lives easier. These systems turn new reps into instant experts who can give buyers the right information at a moment’s notice, even if they’re still finding their footing.

But a sales content management platform isn’t just good for the sellers – it’s also an ace up the sleeve for enablement and sales leadership. Leaders can track the progress of new hires directly within the platform and look for ways to improve the onboarding experience in the future. For instance, they can view stats about specific onboarding materials to determine which ones new reps referenced often and which ones they read once… then promptly abandoned.

Even More Benefits of Using a Sales Content Management Platform for Onboarding

The benefits of using a sales content management platform for onboarding also extend beyond the onboarding process itself. Take the ability to provide an option for remote onboarding, for example. These systems enable you to reduce travel and training costs by eliminating the need to fly new reps out for an in-person gathering. Instead, sellers can access everything they need right where they are. This consistent online access to training materials and content enables better knowledge absorption and long-term recall as well, empowering new hires to start contributing to the team much sooner than they would with a traditional onboarding process.

Sales content management platforms stand out as a transformative solution to the challenge of lengthy seller ramp-up times in B2B sales. Embracing this innovative technology allows enablement leaders to create an immersive and customizable onboarding experience that will accelerate learning and help new hires launch a successful career at a faster rate.


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