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Visual Storytelling: Grab Attention and Inspire Buying (w Nathan Jackson of Presentify)

By Tom Pisello | August 26, 2020

In this interview with visual presentation expert Nathan Jackson, Managing Director of Presentify, he shared practical advice as to how to reshape your traditional presentations into more effective visual storytelling tools as we transition to digital selling being a requirement and in person meetings moving online via screen.

He also gave valuable insight into how to better engage, grab and keep buyers’ attention in this new environment.

On Why compelling visuals are better:

“We have to consider who we are talking with, and whether they can see us on video, or whether we’re just communicating orally. We may be sharing screens, and therefore we would want to put some information that the audience can see and will hooefully resonate with them and the story that I’m telling.

The challenge is that many people start with power point because of how they’ve learned and worked with it in the past, and even is school we’re taught it. And we use just that little bit of basic text and bullet points…

So, I think that from history, or from our experience, we’re perhaps not that great at understanding how to put on screen something that’s really going to resonate with the audience.

Really, what we’re trying to help clients do is to think about how you can simplify the words are typically onscreen and replace them with other things which are more visual. And they may be icons, images, photographs, etc. because our brains have the ability to process visuals far, far more quickly, and its actually 60,000 times faster!

So, by switching from text to suitable images, which helps connect what presenter’s saying and what the audience is seeing is going to improve the communication…”

Seeing is believing, people! Try it and see for yourselves!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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