Up your Game: Optimizing Sales and Channel Performance (w/ Lorin Coles of Alliance Sphere)

By Tom Pisello | December 22, 2020

In this interview with marketing and channel expert, Lorin Coles, we tapped into his experiences developing major go-to-market strategies and campaigns for Equifax, RedHat, Cisco, and Microsoft, to gain advice on how to shape your sales and channel enablement programs from crisis response to recovery and new opportunities.

He had a lot to say. Here is one of my favorite take-aways regarding Partner communication as an eco-system…

“That is absolutely the big shift and change that’s going on, is, as I said, if you talk to CEO’s or you talk to anybody about alliances or channels, the immediate reaction is- it’s about distribution, it’s about a route to market. And it clearly still is a route to market, but it’s much, much more.

When you start looking at the types of solutions that customers are demanding, they’re really expecting multiple companies to work together to be able to solve those high demand solutions, like around IOT or AI. These – or big data – these types of new solutions are gonna require, you know, at many times, 3,4,5,6, partners working together.

So, one of the big changes that’s going on in the Channel is a much more deliberate approach for how you’re looking at the ecosystem. It wasn’t that there wasn’t an ecosystem before, it’s just that now it’s much more deliberate in how we look at the partners. We’re deliberate in how we are gonna go after a certain vertical, or how we’re gonna go after a certain geography, or a certain segmentation. And we are looking at what are the mix of partners that we really need to be able to go solve that opportunity for the customer. “

Check out the full interview here! https://open.spotify.com/episode/4JGhP4MpXcc3nEr8pKhZGQ

Sometimes, togetherness pays off more than you know!

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