Up -Level Your Sales Enablement!

By Tom Pisello | January 27, 2020

In an interview with the incomparable Mary Shea of Forrester, we discussed the changing climate of sales and sales enablement. One of the many topics she provided clear and valuable insight on was the seemingly steady merge of transacting and engaging both on and off line…

“When you think about the silos that have existed between sales and marketing for so many years, I just don’t think it is going to remain so as we move forward. The buyer doesn’t care about how you are organized through a supplier, don’t care about your silos in marketing and sales and customer success. They increasingly care about experiences. And they want a great fluid and seamless experience and so it’s really going to force organizations to come to terms with these silos that have existed for a long time and they’re going to have to go away.”

On seeing things shift…

“I think on the customer success side, especially if you think about the ‘As a service’ business model, (or ‘Sass’, as we think about it in technology) those folks that are in customer success are almost the most important folks in the selling organization.”

Time for that pyramid to flip upside down, People. Bottom’s up!


Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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